IN 4 YEARS, ABIA WILL BECOME THE CHINA OF AFRICA, and Made-In-Aba products will be exported massively''...Sampson Uche Ogah.

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A true leader is one who leads by example. Technically, leaders are appraised or judged by the economic values they bring to the organisation, government or group to which they administer. Show me a poor, impoverished and hunger-ravaged nation and I will tell you the stroy of a bad, incompetent president, governor or military administrator. Same goes for corporate organisations, businesses and other corporations. This illustrastion is true of our nation, Nigeria and particularly Abia state. Good leadership is evident in the economy and standard of living of it's people. Needless to say that Nigeria has continued to gropple with poverty, underdevelopment and backwardness as a result of maladministration by it's leaders

According to Dr Sampson Uchechukwu Ogah who is the gubernatorial candiate for the All Progressives Congress (APC), what Abia needs is serious, articulated and visionary leadership and that is exactly what he is poised to provide for the state. Uche Ogah's vision for Abia State is to transform the state to a mega industrial city, flourishing with vibrant industries, massive employment and wealth creation. Dr Uche Ogah is an industrialist who has successfully built a thriving conglomerate, with diversified business interests that have created jobs and wealth, with well over 50,000 employees on his pay roll
This illustrous son of the soil plans to replicate this feat as governor of the state. He will also invest massively in Agro-allied industries and manufacturing. This will impact hugely the human capital development of the state, as thousdands of graduates are churned out annually from univeristies, colleges and higher institutions in the state and set Abia on the path to becoming a national and global economic giant. Uchechukwu Samson Ogah has got the necessary leadership prowess required to lead a highly resourceful people like Abians to prosperity.

Uche Ogah is by far the biggest philantropist in Abia state, given the number of beneficiaries of the Uche Ogah Foundation. For the past 18 years, The Uche Ogah Foundation has provided economic and medical help to many individuals and communities in Abia State and across Nigeria. Because, Uche Ogah is a strong believer in education, the foundation has invested hugely in scholarships to many Abia indigenes studying across several institutions in Nigeria and abroad, in addition to building a 5,000 capacity auditorium in Abia State University, Uturu.
Uche Ogah successfully grew his company, Masters Energy Oil and Gas Limited into a conglomerate, with investments worth tens of billions of naira. At a time when investors were exiting the Niger Delta because of its security challenges, Masters Energy City invested billions of naira in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. A single investment, a 158,000 tonne petroleum products storage facility provided jobs to over 5000 citizens of Nigeria. This industrial complex is expected to grow the economy of Abia State by attracting investment from across Africa. Uche Ogah is the governor that will roll up his sleeves to work to make Abia State the land of progress and prosperity that we all desire.

In the words of Uche Ogah Ours should not be the normal kind of development; what we deserve now is radical transformation in Abia State. The noble passion for selfless service to humanity drives me and my success in business also inspires me to want to use my private sector experience to help in liberating our state and to help her to prosperity, growth and development.
This will be done through focusing on the following key areas:
* Better welfare for our workers and pensioners
* Massive Agricultural Revolution
* Infrastructural and Industrial Revolution &  the New Aba City Development
* Economic Empowerment & Job/Wealth Creation & Women/Youth Development
* Investment-friendly Policies to Attract Direct local & Foreign Investments
* Quality Education, Human Resource Development and Quality Healthcare

It is on record that Dr Sampson Uche Ogah has invested in Abia State more than any other businessman of Abia extraction, thereby proving his love and passion to develope our dear state, even when most other elites from the state were taking resources  from the state to go and  invest in other cities, like Lagos, Abuja etc.
Uche Ogah is of the school of thought that ideas and strategies are the driving force for modern economic development and industrial revlotion, and is seeking an opportunity to present these ideas that will fast-track the development of Abia state. Before now, Dr Ogah had supported those who have governed Abia in the past, offering advice, making sacrifices and financial contributions to push government initiatives in an effort to see the state develop to a modern society.

Uche Ogah will deploy his extensive experience in industrialization and global business entrepreneurship, to bring about massive economic transformation and propsperity in Abia state through genuine investment in agriculture, information technology, the education sector, health and private sectors.
To achieve this, Dr Ogah would explore his vast contacts in the business world to attract foreign direct investment (FDI), partnerships and cooperation of well meaning international organisations and corporations to put Abia state on the global entreprise map. Accoding to Dr Uche Ogah, ''it is high time my generation applied new strategies that will see us develop faster. From my experience in the private sector, my relationship with world-class leaders and my exposure to how things are done in other climes, I know exactly what we can do to make Abia prosperous. I know the steps we can take to change our story for good. By  the grace  of  God, I have  done  it  in  the private sector and  the  records  are  there  to show my grass-to-grace story. I have the personal discipline, the vision and the passion required to drive a team of other Abia professionals to bring positive change to Abia state''.
Uche Ogah is the right choice, with the capacity to tackle the Abia State Challenge. He is a man who is not interested in money but rather in how he can develop Abia, a state that has the potential to become one of the most developed in Nigeria.



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