A kissing scene was so long I waited for the director to cut it – Yetunde Bakare

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I was born and raised in Ibadan.  I am the fourth of six children but I lost a sister last December. My childhood was fun. My dad was a very principled man. Most times, his job took him out of Ibadan and whenever we heard his car approaching, my siblings and me would run inside the house and pretend to be reading. On one occasion, my dad came in and saw us reading as usual; so, he asked me to spell a word that I had not heard before. I can’t remember how I escaped the cane that day.

I studied Microbiology at the University of Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State.
I was very confident the first time I was on set and I enjoyed the whole process. In fact, the directors and producers were very surprised. I can go to any length to portray a character but I will never go nude or show off my body in a sexual way because the way people see me matters a lot. This is Nigeria; we have our culture and there are some things you can’t try as an actor because your family will be against you. I don’t have anything against those who go nude but I can’t. I turned down a script once because I could not bring myself to act the character. Just because I am an actress and I need roles doesn’t mean I have to be bitchy.
Parents’ reaction
My father is a pastor in Deeper Christian Life Ministry and I attend Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries. When I started acting, I didn’t inform my parents. My mother called me one day and asked me to come home to Ibadan because we needed to talk. When I got there, we had a family meeting but it wasn’t bad. My dad just told me that he believed in me and knew that I wouldn’t do what others did and that was it.


I keep a very good professional relationship with my colleagues. I don’t want a situation where someone would offend me and I won’t be able to tell the person how I truly feel. If we are very close friends, I won’t be able to react how I would have loved to. As an actress, I won’t insult my colleagues online. I would rather settle any misunderstanding face-to-face or call the person on the phone. I don’t buy the idea of insulting people on the Internet. I don’t think it is polite. Also, I feel that for one to grow in the industry, he or she must work hard on the job. However, there are people who feel that they can use what they have to get to the top but they never last long because hard work always pays.

Sexual harassment

I hear of it but I have never witnessed it and I don’t think it is peculiar to the movie industry. There is sexual harassment everywhere.


I love to sing but I am not interested in releasing an album or a single. I just sing for pleasure.


I have had a couple of kissing scenes. However, I can remember one particular scene where the director didn’t want to end the scene. It was exhausting. I kept on wondering when the director was going to say ‘cut’ (laughs). The kiss went on for 10 minutes.


I am a very romantic person but I am not just lucky when it comes to love. I have had a lot of heartbreaks in the past. Some men can really be funny. Sometimes, you will just realise that you have been the only one in the relationship.  I am very romantic and I will spoil my partner silly.


I have never seen that in our movies. Nigerians are culture-oriented; so, doing that would be difficult. However, I would never act in such movies for obvious reasons. I can’t even try it because my parents would kill me.

Guilty pleasures

I don’t think I have any. I take care of myself like I’m supposed to and I don’t do what I am not supposed to do. I am a very boring person and I don’t have any guilty pleasures. I prefer staying at home. I just go to swim every now and then because it refreshes me.

Plastic surgery

I don’t like plastic surgery and I’m not considering going for one. I love the way God created me. I wouldn’t add or remove anything from my body.


I don’t like intercontinental dishes. If it is not my amala or pounded yam, I am not eating. When I travel out, I carry my food along because if I don’t, I might end up fasting. I don’t even take pizza. In fact, the thought of eating strange food makes me weary of travelling out of the country.


Motherhood has taught me to be strong and work hard. It made me have a sense of being responsible for someone else aside myself. Seeing my son happy means the world to me. My son and my family are the most important people to me.  I take care of my son alone without any assistance from his dad.


I love shorts and I wear them every time.


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