Anambra Community: Achina indegenes protest over infrastructural neglect in community

There is a growing regret among Natives and Residents of Achina Community in Aguata LGA of Anambra State over what they called “a misplaced support” they gave to Governor Willie Obiano during his second term bid.

This, according to them, is because of the numerous promises which the governor made to them before and during the electioneering campaigns, and which remain unfulfilled.
A Community that can be adjudged to have achieved greatness through self-help efforts, Achina has through the instrumentality of its strong Age Grade System and its illustrious sons, undertaken numerous developmental projects notably Ultramodern Magistrate Court Complex, Streetlight projects and erosion control projects.
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With the advent of the rains every year, comes severe challenges of flooding, erosion and road damage but the community had always managed to maintain a fairly motorable route until the State Government came to construct Oye Achina-Onneh-Agbudu- Ogboji road.
Awarded in 2015 by Governor Obiano to Estrada Construction Limited, the road has a total length of 7.3 kilometers and cuts across major food baskets of the Old Aguata Union, OAU.
Before the elections, work had commenced on the road and things had looked better but all of a sudden, everything came to a halt.
A recent visit to the road showed that due to the little rains already witnessed, it has been cut in two and a major gully is developing. Also, due to improper channeling of water, many households have suffered severe flooding and stand the risk of being displaced or being drowned by flood if they insist on staying back.

More worrisome is the fact that the heavy rains are yet to come!     (VIDEO OF OYE ACHINA- ONNEH-AGBUDU-OGBOJI RD)

According to a stakeholder in the Community, Chief Paulinus Ezenwa, the Community, during the just-concluded elections, understood the options before it but decided to pitch their tent with Governor Obiano because they believed he was an honorable man and will keep to his promises.

“We also felt that since his government said it is targeting to revolutionize Agriculture, he will give priority consideration to roads leading to Agrarian areas which the Oye Achina-Onneh-Agbudu Road is one of them. When he promised to complete the road, we didn’t waste time to rally our people to support him. How wrong we were!” he lamented.

Nze Michael Nwosu, a farmer who lives on the large expanse of land along the road, narrated his ordeal as a result of the bad nature of the road and how it spells negative prospects for the Agricultural revolution intended by the Obiano administration in the area.
“There is nothing else for us to say than to appeal to the State Governor, Chief Willie Obiano, Akpokuedike, to live out the true meaning of his name. We are living in fear due to the speed with which the gully is encroaching on our homes and farmlands. If nothing is done, the state may wake up to a major disaster that will be very difficult to control. Our Governor should please come to our rescue now that the State can salvage the situation by constructing the road as soon as possible.”

Aside the threat of the developing gully on the road, it was also observed that due to the structure and texture of the soil in the area, the Town has numerous erosion challenges.     (VIDEO OF AGGRIEVED ACHINA PEOPLE)
The President General of the Town, Barr Chito Ezeani revealed that the Community has over six active erosion sites which include Okpala Osimiri erosion site (Umueleke Village), St Joseph’s Site (Umuezeiyi Village), Ezekoro/Ihe Obiji Site (Umuezeiyi Village), Iyi Nwitita site (Umuezeiyi Village) and the notorious Okpalanwa site (Umueleke Village).

He regretted that as it is now, there is no work ongoing on any of the sites despite the huge threat they constitute to inhabitants of the villages and the increasing rains witnessed in recent days.
“The threat posed by erosion to our people is massive and has gone beyond what our self-help efforts can address. We have never failed to report these challenges to government immediately we observe them even as we had taken measures within our capacity as a community to tackle them. Our people need the assurance that truly, government is interested in protecting their lives and property. As it is now, this is the worst we have witnessed and I believe our Governor will hear our cry and respond immediately!”     (VIDEO OF EROSION AT EZEKORO)



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