This is not Dubai or any middle eastern or eastern European countries.

Obi Ebuka Onochie

Awka, Anambra state 

What you are looking at is a beautiful oasis in the desert of Tulotulo village in Yusufari LG area of Yobe State. 

This is what millions of people pay dollars to go see and experience in Dubai and many other exotic countries. We have avalanche of exotic places all over this country yet they yield nothing to us with many of them lying fallow and undeveloped. 

In 2016 I visited Rwanda, a country that doesn't have up to 5 percent of tourist attraction Nigeria has but to see gorillas in their Volcanoes National Park you pay $700 each and you will walk uphill for about an hour or so to get there after paying $700. If you can't walk, or you don't have energy/lazy to or have enough cash to have others walk for you, you pay extra $200 and mount a stretcher then there are people who will carry you up the place. In 2018, Rwanda, a country with landmass of about 26k square kilometres which is less than Kogi state in size generated about US$1.4 billion from travel and tourism alone. Tell me how much Nigeria, the so called 'giant' of Africa generated in same year in tourism? Nigeria, a country bigger than Rwanda by over 35 times is no match with Rwanda in tourism. 

What stops tourism industry in Nigeria from adding to our GDP? the answer is simple, insecurity. Why is insecurity increasing in Nigeria? The answer is simple, poverty. Why is Nigeria the capital of poverty in the world today with all our human and natural potentials regardless? The answer is simple, the system we have in place. We need to revert to fiscal federalism to rescue this nation. Even if you like bring Angela Merkel of Germany here or Donald Trump of US here, they will still fail because like the Bible says, if the foundation is faulty, what will the righteous do? Our system will guarantee their failure. 

Look at this place wasting in Yobe State. The Gorilla 🦍 people pay hundreds of dollars to see in Rwanda are wasting in the forest of Cross River state without generating one kobo.



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