A foretaste of what to expect at the campaign flag-off of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), tomorrow, Saturday, September 25, 2021, at the Alex Ekwueme Square, Awka, can be gleaned from the party's campaign inauguration held at the same square few weeks earlier.

The sea of heads on the occasion was comparable only to a crowd of supporters seen during  a consequential football match. But it was the circumstance under which the Square was bursting at the seam with party faithful that bespoke of APGA as the party with the capacity to ride the storm of the election without sweating profusely.   

Amidst heavy down pour, a crowd of supporters in APGA uniform was seen  huddling together not for warmth, but space, and pulling for the party's flag bearers Professor Soludo and Dr. Ibezim to mount the  rostrum.  

Nothing suggests tomorrow's event will be any less momentous or that the party's performance on November 6 risks any challenge by any other party which at best is a paper tiger.  

Tomorrow's event will prove either of two things.

One, it will reinforce the power  of APGA to win fairly in critical elections. Two, it will warn those determined to derail the process that they have a large army of supporters to contend with if they are blinded by ambition to try the untoward. 

It does not matter the lies anybody wants to believe, but tomorrow's campaign rally will reveal that APGA is not willing to abide any competitor as yet. It will be an opportunity to let competing parties realize that the people are not ready to gamble with the bird in hand for unseen two in the bush and that they frown on the idea of kicking away the very step from which they have risen.

Ejike Anyaduba



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