Govr. Obaseki reacts to compulsory Covid Vaccination


Edo state governor Godwin Obaseki has said that there was a  misconception on the directive issued by the state government on covid 19 vaccination.

Addressing Journalists at a press briefing in government house, Obaseki said although the State has the powers to make such an order under the Gazetted Quarantine Regulations, but noted that the directive is actually only a denial of access to public places of persons who chose not to be vaccinated stressing that the government’s overriding concern is the safety and health of its citizens. 

He reiterated Government's sacred duty to the populace to take all actions necessary to protect the health of the majority of the citizens 

Governor Obaseki further disclosed of his readiness through its lawyers to pursue to its logical conclusions any or all cases instituted by anybody or group opposed to the stand of the government. the state 

He thanked the churches, mosques, hotels, banks, event centres, restaurants and bars, among others, that have volunteered their premises for use as vaccination posts.



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