In a desperate bid to upturn the wishes and the mandate of the good people of Umuoji, Barr. Muogbo dragged the symbol of Umuoji kingdom; His Majesty, Dr. C.O Nnedu(Odezuligbo) and the Regency in Council to DSS office, Awka, Anambra State of Nigeria on Tuesday 15th February 2022.

At exactly 12.00hours in the afternoon of the date stated above, the Regent of Umuoji cladded in a royal blue regalia,coral bids and cap to match wielding his elephant tusk arrived the DSS office, Awka in the company of two members of Regent In Council namely; High Chief Dr. Festus Onyima(Ikemba Umuoji) and High Chief Barr. Arinze Okaro(Ichie Egbu).

At 12.30pm of the same date the Igwe Elect, Engr (Sir) Kanayo Okoye( Okosisi N'Echendo) arrived the DSS office in the company of his core loyalists/supporters namely; High Chief Dr. Emeka Muokwue(Ichie Ogene), Hon. Amb. Gab Mbanefo(Ichie Ezechinyelu), Jude Nwabufo(Ikemba), Obiora   Okeke(Onyego) and Ikechukwu Onwuezobe(Iron gate).

While the Regent and the Cabinet Chiefs were kept waiting at the Director in Charge of DSS office, the Igwe Elect; Kanayo Okoye  and his powerful entourage were equally kept at one of the DSS quiz room following an accusation levied and triggered by Muogbo. Finally, the Regent and his council members met with Igwe Kanayo Okoye and his group at the DSS quiz room where the latter were kept.

The appointment was scheduled for 12pm with DSS but the Complainant Barr. Muogbo arrived the scene at 2.15Pm after numerous calls were placed on him that all his accused have reported to the DSS office. They threatened him that his failure to honor the invitation may warrant to other unpalatable actions against him.

Before the arrival of Muogbo,a Senior DSS Officer instructed his female Secretary to read out the charges against Engr Kanayo Okoye and his cohorts.

The trumped up, frivolous and malicious charges were as follows;

a. That Kanayo Okoye is parading himself as the Igwe of Umuoji.

b. That Kanayo Okoye and his cohorts are brewing crisis and manifesting conduct likely to breach peace in Umuoji.

All parties were quizzed and requested to write statements including the Regent of Umuoji Kingdom. After thorough examination and investigation by the highly cerebral Nigeria secret Policemen it was deciphered and inferred as follows;

1. There is a subsisting Court tussle issue between Barr. Muogbo and Kanayo Okoye, therefore it will be contemptuous for DSS to delve into such a matter.

2. It was established that the first person that started parading himself as the Igwe of Umuoji in the presence of the Regent of Umuoji at one of Umuoji CEC meetings is Muogbo, a scenario witnessed by over 200 Ndi Umuoji physically present which later went viral on social media.

3. It was established that the first Igweship contestant that started using and ringing bell as a sign of royal presence at occasions was Muogbo. Kanayo Okoye later followed suit


4. It was established that Kanayo Okoye has never performed any royal duty like Annual Iwaji Umuoji, Ofala Festival or Iguaro neither has he  formed any cabinet to protray him as Igwe Umuoji.

5. Finally the last straw that broke the camel's back was that the peace loving, honest, truthful and sagacious Regent of Umuoji unequivocally and emphatically asserted in the presence of DSS and all other parties that Umuoji kingdom is neither in crisis nor at war. In his words " my kingdom is not in contention, there is no parallel kingdom in Umuoji"

As to Muogbo laying claim to his status as the Igwe Elect, the Regent also unequivocally told the DSS that the candidate that won Umuoji Igweship election of 8th May 2021 is Engr Kanayo Okoye. He also punctured Muogbo's claim of being the winner of the second election of June 8th 2021 by asserting that" I don't know of any other election apart from that of May 8th 2021.

The DSS Officers and Ndi Umuoji present at DSS quiz room frowned at Muogbo addressing our Regent as Mr. and himself as a Chief. All saw it as a calculated mischief and insult on Umuoji Community.

Muogbo was finally warned not to drag the symbol of Umuoji Kingdom to the DSS again. Here is a man who was invited by the Regent in Council for a very important meeting, he never honoured it, yet he has the enfonterry to drag the Regent of Umuoji to DSS over a matter that is in court.

Umu Umuoji, as it stands now, Muogbo should give peace a chance. Ada azo Eze azo. Laying malicious allegations against innocent people cannot give Muogbo the royal stool of Umuoji kingdom. If Muogbo jails or illegally detains all high profile ndi Umuoji for saying the truth, who will he rule?

My sin against Muogbo is that he sees it as an aberration, how an Uruegbe man from Mgbada will be at the vanguard of Kanayo Okoye Igweship movement. My philosophy about Umuoji is one peaceful and indivisible Umuoji. I am not an ideologist of Mgbago and Mgbada. Amongst all the Igweship candidates/contestants only one candidate professes that ideology and he is no other person than Omekannia. No amount of libel, allegations, insults and intimidations by Muogbo and his cohorts will prevent me from saying the truth.

It is high time Ndi Umuoji have a rethink about this Igweship imbroglio in Umuoji. Let us call a spade a spade. Why should Muogbo drag the Regent and his cabinet DSS over a matter that is in court. 

If Muogbo is afraid of the formidable movement and front advancing the Igweship course of Kanayo Okoye,he should form his,rather than employing the atavistic strategy of levying frivolous allegations on Kanayo Okoye and his supporters. All Umuoji need now for Igwe is a man of the people. A man with universality of acceptance from all parts of Umuoji. Fortunately, Kanayo is a square peg in a square hole.

It is quite a pity. One man wants to destroy the royal essence and heritage of Umuoji because of his inordinate ambition. The gods can never allow that.

Long live the Regent Of Umuoji!

Long Live Umuoji Patriotic Citizens!

High Chief Dr. Emeka Muokwue

(Ichie Ogene)



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