Early detection of cervical, breast cancer saves life---says PPFN Anambra


By Chidimma Ajemba/Stella Anekwe/Ngozi Omenakiti

The Programme Officer, Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria (PPFN) Anambra State, Mrs Ifeoma Ejiofor says cancer is not a death warrant if detected on time.

She said this during an Annual Healthcare Outreach visit to the Ministry of Women and Social Welfare on July 19.

Introducing the PPFN health officials to the members of staff of the ministry, the Acting Director, Admin, Dr Okwuchukwu Obichukwu explained that the exercise was aimed at enlightening them on vital sexual reproductive health issues as well as offer an opportunity to access free medical services.

Delivering a lecture on the early signs and symptoms of cervical cancer, the medical officer in charge of General Hospital, Nawgu, Dr Chidimma Oluor explained that cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the world.

According to her, it occurs in the cervical area and is caused by sexually transmitted human papillomavirus and most people are not aware of this type of cancer and as such ignore early signs.

``The symptoms include virginal bleeding and severe pain during sex. It is advisable to see a doctor once these symptoms are noticed.

``Factors that can trigger cervical cancer include early exposure to sex and having multiple sexual partners.” 

Dr Oluor explained that cervical cancer preventive measures include giving sex education to children especially girl children and educating them on the dangers of early indulgence in sex.

She also explained that healthy diets, vaccination and healthy exercise can also prevent cervical cancer.

She emphasised the need to always run a self-check breast cancer examination as she gave practical demonstrations on how to go about it. She noted that early detection is key to conquering the cancer.

``As women, we need to be extremely conscious of our body; we must always examine our breasts, especially after our monthly circle to know if there  are lumps, swollen parts or nipple discharges.”

The State Programme Officer, Mrs Ifeoma Ejiofor also lectured on the facts, myths and newest innovations in family planning and the causes of prostate cancer.

``Family Planning is safe and helps the woman to plan for the future,” she said.

Interactive sections and free medical tests for ailments like the cervical cancer, high blood pressure, prostrate and Human Immune Virus (HIV) formed highpoint of the event.



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