Agro-Business Expert, Nzewi Hosts Authentic Anambra NYCN Leadership, Urges Splinter Group To Align


The Managing Director, Great Rice Mills, Hon Nnanna Nzewi has advised splinter groups of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, NYCN in Anambra State to align with the leadership of Surveyor Emeka Obi, in the best interest of Anambra youths who they claim they are rooting for their welfare


Hon Nzewi gave the advice on Sunday when he hosted the Anambra NYCN Chairman, Surveyor Obi and members of the Anambra State NYCN council in Awka.

The newly sworn in Anambra NYCN leadership led by Surveyor Obi, was given a rousing treat at the event which was well attended by notable youth stakeholders in the State including a former State Chairman of the Council, Hon Nwabufo Nwankwo, the Deputy President NYCN, Comrade Innocent Nduanya, among others.

Addressing his guests, the host, Hon Nzewi described youths as emerging leaders whose capacity to drive positive change in any society is not in doubt.

He said what they need is to believe in themselves and the talent God has deposited in them, and work hard to realize their aspirations.

“I want to advise the youths, whatever your hands find to do, do it well.

“In my journey to where God has brought me today, I have learned that the principle of one believing in themselves.

“If you believe you can, how it will be done will meet you half-way,” he said.

He revealed that his decision to host the Anambra NYCN excos was because the leadership of the Council has kept faith with the advice he gave them since its inception of office months ago.

According to him, the advice was hinged on ensuring a united Council in Anambra that will aggregate efforts at moving the youths forward.

“I decided to host the exco today, because the state Chairman has kept to terms with the things I told him.

“I advised him not to contest an election that will disorganize the council and after the election, that he should reach out and unite the aggrieved members and I have seen his genuine efforts at entrenching unity in the Anambra NYCN council.

“That’s why I have decided to host you,” he maintained.

Hon Nzewi who acknowledged that the leadership of the NYCN in Anambra is doing well, said the character and disposition of the State Chairman, Surveyor Obi in his field of endeavor stands him out as a trustworthy leader.

“Surv Obi has directed me in many surveying endeavours when I came to Awka and they were gainful. 

“I observed that he is a committed person, the youngest registered surveyor in Anambra State then,” he opined.

The agro-business expert who expressed gladness that the NYCN Chairman is already taking steps in trying to gather the elders’ council, said the next step is to make sure that he accords members of your executive their maximum respect. 

“Be an inclusive and servant leader who will aggregate the potentials of members of your council.

“You have the advantage of the elders, tap from their experiences to become a versatile leader. Also tap from the zeal of people you are working with.

“We don’t want the proposal council but a council that will have genuine commitment to developing the youths.

“I also urge members of the council to honor those in authority and serve them as that will guarantee your success. 

“Resolve grievances internally and chart a progressive way forward,” he advised. 

In his remarks, Surveyor Obi expressed appreciation to their host for his benevolence in recognizing and hosting his exco.

Obi described him as a man that has grace and everything he involves in goes well.

“Since I won the election, he has been the first person to deem it fit to host this executive and I am very grateful to him for this honor done to me and my executives.

“We are looking forward to these kinds of activities that I believe is solely motivated by love for Council and genuine interest in identifying with the youths,” the Anambra NYCN boss noted.

He also appreciated the words of advice to him, assuring that they will be heeded, as they are capable of keeping his administration on the path of proactiveness and commitment to youths welfare.. 

Obi revealed that his exco has already started implementing its agenda for the development and empowerment of youths in the state, which includes the ICT drive aimed at empowering Anambra youths with the right skills to take full advantage of the 21st Century technological advancements for their self-actualization.

He also said his vision includes establishing a council with a sustainable structure for youth empowerment, to create partnerships with relevant agencies, organizations and individuals for the youths through sports, agriculture, entrepreneurship, etc among others.

For his part, a former NYCN Chairman in the State, Hon Nwabufo commended the host for the uncommon gesture towards the youths and said he has exemplified the traits of a genuine lover of youths.

He emphasized that whatever the state NYCN administration can achieve, will be by the support of all.

Nwankwo assured that he will avail the council chairman all the necessary support he can give to enable him to succeed.

He urged all aggrieved members of the Council to sheathe their sword and forge a progressive way forward for the betterment of the youths.

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