Recall: My Political Opponents Are Jittery - Ejiofor


Says  He Is Not Aware of Any Petition Against Him

By Mmaduabuchi Onwumelu

The Member representing Anaocha I State Constituency, Hon  Ejiofor Ebele Leonard, says his political opponents are behind what he described as unfounded recall petition making the rounds on the social media, emphasizing that the write-up was a ploy to distract him from his legislative duties, adding that their antics would not in any way dissuade him from offering quality representation to his constituents.

 Hon Ejiofor who stated this through a voicenote, said he was not aware of any petition against him and that an individual cannot put up a post on Facebook and WhatsApp claiming that over one thousand people signed it. 

'Recall process is a constitutional matter and it is the duty of the electoral umpire to look into such issue and follow the process. There is a process and it is not done on social media.


'According to the constituent that put up the letter, he has served INEC but, I'm yet to receive INEC's notification. Uptill this hour I have not been notified. 

'All these allegations are false and malicious. My constituents can attest to my quality representation across my constituency. All those things you see them circulate on New Media are mere political gimmick to attract attention and cause distraction. They are only operating on social media. Our people (electorate) have the decision to take.

'The petitioner is a friend of mine and constituent, the reason for putting up such letter is best known to him. Well, we can resolve our differences. He said that almost one thousand people signed the petition. Where did they sign it? Who are the signatories? You can see that no one signed the so-called petition. Is it not obvious that he is out for some kind of mischief? Well, like I said before, I'm not peturbed about what they are sharing on the new media. They are all fake and should be ignored.

 'Those who are doing this are just afraid to face the electorate. To them, I'm their greatest nightmare. That is why they are writing these junks all over the social media. Let them come to the field and stop being mischievous and desperate. 

'As far as I'm concerned, I have no petition before me. The man who is behind it is a member of the All Progressives Congress, APC. I'm not a member of APC. If they feel they have what it takes to win an election they should go to the poll. Election is not a do or die affair. You cannot win an election by tarnishing people's image or by writing trash against them. 

'You know that election is around the corner, they are cooking up stories here and there. We are used to it. We know them. I am totally committed in offering nothing but service to my people. I'm too busy to be distracted. They should look for another format. Obviously this one is not working. It is dead on arrival,' Hon Ejiofor Ebele Leonard concluded.



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