Breaking: Enough! IPOB warns Igbo leaders working against Obi

The Youth wing of the Indegenous People of Biafra has condemn the activities of Igbo elders and politicians who have been busy castigating and working against the emergence of Peter Obi as President of Nigeria.

Making their displeasure known in a statement,  the leader of the Youth Wing Comrade Ndubuisi Igwekani warned such leaders playing the spoilers game to be mindful of their utterances.

Igwekani who is popularly known as Agu Biafra expressed shock that it was the same people that accused the pro Biafra groups of scuttling the Igbo Presidency agenda.

He said, “now that Nigerians, especially the youths have on their own chosen an Igbo candidate for Presidency, some of the Igbo leaders have started working against Peter Obi.

“It is a shame, a total disgrace that some of these elders are the ones plotting behind the scene to scuttle the good intentions of the youths by sabotaging the Peter Obi Presidential agenda.

“They have started running from pillar to post beating drums for people and politcial parties that have rejected Igbo’s for years; clapping for the people that have denied Igbo’s for decades; it’s a very big shame to our leaders.

“And we are using this opportunity to warn them that if their activities and acts of sabotage affects the collective decision of Nigerian youths to elect Peter Obi President  so there will be peace and unity where everyone will have a sense of belonging, the youth will ensure that they will not know peace.

“It’s better for them to retrace their steps; we are watching, we are monitoring them.

“We are mandating the youths to work and make sure they take back and unite this country by getting their PVC’S and casting their votes for Peter Obi.

“There are agitations in all parts of the country because of injustice and corruption. And that’s why we are mandating our members wherever they are to make sure there is peace all over South East during election.



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