Nigerian Deejays Elect New National Executives In Awka

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The perceived faction rocking the Disc Jockey Association of Nigerian has finally come to an end, with the two major unions collapsed their structures into one recognized national body called DEEJAN.
Consummating the relationship, the newly elected national president of the Disc Jockey Association of Nigeria (DEEJAN) , Comrade Tade  Adeyemi, popularly known as DJ Cool,  stressed the need for the professionals to operate under one umbrella to be able to champion their course in a unique direction.
He stated this after his election at the just concluded 7th National DJs Conference held in Awka, Anambra state capital, said the association has resolved to keep their past behind them and focus on programmes that would develop and protect the interest of the music anchor professionals in Nigeria.
Comrade Adeyemi debunked the rumour that there exist a fraction in the unions before there amalgamation, but described the perceived crisis to a scenario of a house built on many channels but finally connected with  a unique  entrance that leads to the main buildings.
He said,” There is nothing like factions in Nigerian DJ Association, DJs are loving people, DJs are fun  making people, there is nothing like fight or rancours among the Djs in Nigeria, the only difference is that, the movement started from somewhere and another body had already started same idea elsewhere, all of us now came to an agreement to collapse every structure into one house, like NLC being the umbrella body for Nigerian workers, so also the  Deejan which is now the umbrella body for Nigerian DJs.
He called on government of all tiers in the country to encourage the union by providing facilities suitable to grow the industry, noted that the union employed a greater number of unemployed Nigerians, but called for more assistance to improve the output of this entertainment operatives to perform their task optimally .
Comrade Adeyemi , requested  that government should encourage the union by proving  music academics to train upcoming DJs and  the  establishment of a national secretariat  to house the national body of the union among other demands.
‘Government supposed to embrace us now because we have created job opportunity for many Nigerians, we have help the government to bridge the gap of unemployment in the society”.
“The support we need from government is to assist our course, like establishment of national secretariats for Nigerian DJs, establishment of DJ academics where upcoming youths would be trained.
“The matrices are that, when you produce a DJ, you have automatically produced additional three DJs, because a DJ cannot work alone, he will automatically be training  other boys too, which in turn is creating more employment opportunities in the society.” He requested.
Eerier in his remarks,  the Lagos based Disc Jockey, Comrade  Jimmy Adewale Amu , popularly known as  DJ Jimmy Jatt,  charged the members to ensure they discharge their duties with utmost professionalism that will in turn command respect from the society.
He stressed that the society will not give them what they expect until they stand up to demand what they really needed from the society, encouraged them to be resolute and dedicated to their duties, where success lies in hard work with sincerity to effect change in any society one finds himself.
“Do not be defeated from home, or seeing that some are privileged be to in a particular position,  as you see me so I be Maroko Boy; In Maroko, them no get electricity , them no get road, them no get water, but  when person tell me say him be ghetto boy, or him be street boy, I will look at him as someone who does not know what it means to live in a Ghetto to survive”.
“If you know Maroko then, it was so bad to the extent it was demolished by government and that was where I came out from, what am saying in essence is that nobody is privileged” .

“I want my members to see themselves as core professionals and expect them to be treated same, only if we are able to carry ourselves as responsible men and women in the society, the society too would in turn accord you the expected respect we demand from them”. He said.
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