Toriola joins Belgian club

Nigerian table tennis star, Segun Toriola, will join a Belgian table tennis club after the 2016 Olympic Games.
The player, who will be featuring in his seventh Olympics for Nigeria in August, quit French Division Two side, Argentan Bayad, after nine years.
Toriola played his last game for Argentan on May 3 and was honoured by officials of the club in France.
Before dropping to second division two years ago, Argentan played in the Premiership Division with Toriola leading the team. They however finished third last season and failed to secure a return to the Premier League.

The club, which announced on their website during the week, wrote, “For his last match at the Bayard Argentan on Tuesday evening, May 3, 2016, Segun Toriola said goodbye to the fans and many of his fans will follow him at the Olympics in Rio.
“He was in Argentan for nearly a decade. Argentan finished in third place of the Pro B, and at home in Villeneuve-sur-Lot, the evening provided an opportunity for supporters to attend the final game of Segun Toriola. The Nigerian table tennis player, who will play his seventh Olympic Games in Rio in August and left the club after nine years and after his last match Segun Toriola received gifts from his fans. At 42, the sporting star bows and he has confirmed that he will remain living in Argentan, where he built his everyday life.”
Toriola said he would remain grateful to the club.
“I would cherish my last match for the club because being the only team I played for in the French league I enjoyed my stay there. My heart will always be with them and I hope to continue to train with the club while I play in Belgium for the league matches,” he said.


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