Mr Sam Okaula, Anambra state's new Police Commissioner has declared his resolve to nip every abuse of human rights in the bud in the discharge of police duty by sensitizing his men and officers on his stance concerning it and working with members of the Civil Society Network, Anambra state.

He made this known while receiving the executive members of Civil Society Network, Anambra state in his office during their courtesy cum familiarization visit.

Speaking further, Mr Okaula said that he believes strongly in the rule of law and respect for human rights and have always drummed it into the ears of his officers and men that any abuse of human rights is not tolerated anywhere he serves.

He therefore asserted that the Civil Society Network will work with him in ensuring that the human rights of Anambra state inhabitants are not trampled upon while assuring that he maintains an open door policy and will always welcome any information that would aid him solve any problem that might arise as a result of human mistakes amongst his men.

The chairman of the group, Elvis Oliver Okolie, while officially welcoming the new Police Commissioner to the state  intimated him that Civil Society Network, which is the apex and umbrella body of all the CSOs, NGOs, FBOs, CBOs, e.t.c, is a CAC registered independent and well trained watchdog that partners with the government and security agencies in ensuring that the vision of a vibrant, democratic,  politically stable, peaceful and organised Anambra state, where justice, equity and rule of law reigns supreme, is actualized.

In his words, "We as a group, having had a tip of your antecedents, are at ease knowing that your leadership will not tolerate any abuse of human rights just as we keep educating our people in different ways to shun violence, thuggery, robbery, kidnapping and every other social vice."

Other Civil Society Network executive members present during the courtesy call were Emily Uzoh, Financial Secretary;  Njideka Okeke, Assistant Secretary;  Nickson Nkpolara, Coordinator, Anambra South and O'star Eze, Media Director.


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