APC warns Obiano against paying N6bn negotiated god-father bill, demand account of LG allocations

Our party calls on the Immediate past Governor of Anambra State,  Mr. Peter Gregory Onwubuashi Obi  to declare the source of the N7bn fund he claimed to have funded the ‘election’ of the current governor of Anambra State who was actually foisted against the wish of the people.

 We further posit that if it was drawn out of a business enterprise, the tax payment of that enterprise to the government should also be furnished, as the only key providing moral authority to disturb public peace through private illegal agreements, a vice that was fought and defeated before Obi became governor.

Should ex-governor Peter Obi fail to provide the requested information, he should allow Anambra State to bear the pain of the liability he foisted on the state and carefully plot their way towards proper correction, rather than assuming the powers to create blunders and BUILD THE turn round to build the solution around himself. Anambra State is capable of solving this problem created by Mr. Obi.

We had long ago stated that Obi converted the  August 2013 Ecological Fund Allocation to an election rigging largesse , and renew our position that the movement and expenditure of that fund totaling 8bn, should now be investigated in the renewed fight against corruption as it would  lay bare the crookery in the current underground attempts to further swindle Anambra State.

We also warn those who are trumpeting the zoning card in Anambra to perish the thought because those who mislead the state in 2013 relied on that bogey to seek out a classmate, church mate and business partner who they thought would be subservient, to amazing results.

We therefore advise them to allow, a state that is homogenous in language, culture and values to use the best materials at her disposal to pull their corporate entity out of profligacy and societal disorder, which the current media blitz of error fails to capture.

Conversely, we warn that any attempt to use the hard-earned funds of Anambra state to placate later-day god fathers will be met with stiff resistance by Ndi Anambra, irrespective of the current negotiation going on between Obiano government and Mr. Peter Obi to settle the latter with N6bn compromise, in exchange for support for an  elusive second term without a productive first term.

We also warn that no kobo of Anambra State funds should be paid to any contraption of an officer who pretended to be in government in the 21 local government s in Anambra State between January 12 and July 27 , 2016, because whatever presence they maintained in these corridors were purely illegal . Rather funds paid them in these intervening six months should be retrieved immediately.

Along the same line, we demand on behalf of Anambra people that the government of Anambra State should break down the total amount for the N63, 654, 309, 711.92 ( Sixty –three billion, Six hundred and fifty-four million, three hundred and nine thousand, seven hundred and eleven Naira, ninety two kobo) allocated to Anambra State and Anambra State local governments  between May 2015 and May 2016 to reflect the amount accruing to local government and account for them.

It is our view that monies meant for the develop the respective 21 local government areas of Anambra State must not be illegally pulled to Awka and placed in the hands of illegal goons in the local government appointed by a confused government which refuses to conduct local government elections in breach of Section 7 of the Nigerian Constitution .

This band of illegal local government personnel foisted on these local governments with the active collaboration and a mindless and complicit rubberstamp legislature, aided and abetted the looting and siphoning of money, short-changing of local governments and conversion of Anambra State into an empire, manned by an emperor. 

We vote for the reversal of the drift.

Okelo Madukaife
State Publicity Secretary


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