Ifite-Dunu PG Dissociates Self From Obiano's Newly Inaugurated Youth Forum

Despite the intrigues that played  between the President-General of Ifitedunu Town Union, Chief Samuel Nweke and the Ikenga Ifitedunu, Prince Uche Oduche (KSC) with the traditional ruler, Igwe Dr Emeka Ilouno Eze on the other side.

Nweke’s petition to the Anambra state police command to arrest some prominent citizens of the community for supporting the inauguration of the Com­munity’s youth wing was an affront to the administration of Governor Willie Obiano’s ad­ministration, so The Authority Newspaper gathered.

The administration of Gov­ernor Willie Obiano had ap­proved the inauguration of a youth wing for Ifitedunu after several appeals to the govern­ment that none exists in the community but the president General insisted that youth as­sociations won’t be formed al­legedly.

But when the youths were aided to be inaugurated by some prominent members and some members of the Town Union, the PG wrote a peti­tion accusing them of holding meeting and allegedly inaugu­rating youths to ensure he was impeached asking police to ar­rest them.

The Authority gathered that Police weekend embarked on the said arrest of some promi­nent citizens of Ifitedunu Com­munity in Dunukofia local government area mentioned in the petition including the traditional ruler of Ifitedunu, Igwe Dr Emeka Ilouno, Eze Dunu Ifitedunu who doubles as Chairman of Anambra state Hospitals Management Board ; Chief(sir) Prince Uche Oduche (KSC), Ikenga Ifitedunu, Oku­naenyeife Dunukofia.

Others were a lawyer and Secretary General of the Ifit­edunu Town Union , Uche Nwoye; Vice President of Ifitedunu Town Union, Sir Uchenna Nwoye Oragwuncha ; Walter Modilim; Joe Nwobi; Anthony Abaeze; Hon Olisa Okonkwo among others.

Police officers swung into action and arrested Prince Oduche at Awka and took him to Anambra state police Head­quarters and were allegedly heading to arrest the monarch and vice President General of Ifitedunu among others alleg­edly named in the petition be­fore the Commissioner of po­lice CP Sam Okuala got wind of the arrests and ordered the immediate release of Ikenga Ifitedunu and stoppage to the wanton arrests of Ifitedunu people.

Okuala we leant warned the petition writers to desist from acting on frivolous petitions as according to him the tradi­tional ruler has every right to hold meetings in his palace.

The inauguration of the Ifitedunu Youth wing was approved by the office of the Governor of Anambra state, Governor Willie Obiano through the office of the Sen­ior Special Assistant (SSA) Engr. Tony-Uche Ezekwelu and the stoppage of the elec­tion was like an affront on the Governor.

The youths condemned the arrests and appealed to the President General to take part of wisdom and stop in­timidating the traditional ruler , Ikenga Ifitedunu and its prominent citizens as his pri­ority should be on the way to move Ifitedunu forward.

When contacted the Presi­dent General of Ifitedunu Chief Samuel Nweke explained that Ikenga Ifitedunu was not arrested but was invited by Commissioner of police and everybody appealed to main­tain peace.

He denied ever ordering the arrest of the Traditional ruler of Ifitedunu but queried to know if anybody is above the law, in­sisting that Prince Oduche was just orchestrating all that.

Nweke informed further that he was shocked youths were being mobilized against his leadership and asking why a youth organization should be formed without the knowl­edge of the President General of the town. He accused Iken­ga Ifitedunu, Prince Oduche of mobilizing youths and community against him only to turn around to say they were having meeting and in­auguration.

Meanwhile, the Anambra state Governor, Chief Wil­lie Obiano and Ikenga Ifit­edunu, Chief(sir) Prince Uche Oduche (KSC), have appealed for caution from all parties in Ifitedunu to give peace and development a chance in Ifit­edunu.

Addressing the newsmen on the strength of the Ifitedunu Town Union President, Chief Nweke’s petition, Governor Obiano’s Senior Special As­sistant (SSA) on Youth Mobi­lization and Empowerment, Engr. Tony-Uche Ezekwelu warned against abuse of privi­leges by people in constituted authority.

He reiterated the need of peace, unity of purpose and love to exist in communities between the Town Union, the traditional ruler , the wom­en and youths for progress , growth and development.

Ezekwelu said it was needless for the arrests and intimidation on some citizens of Ifitedunu because the state Govern­ment read reports on Ifitedunu which centered on lack of rep­resentative youth organization and approved the election of the youth wing of Ifitedunu against the stand of the Presi­dent General.

He admitted that the youth wing was inaugurated by him and others in line with the guidelines and due process of establishing a youth organiza­tion or association in com­munities of Anambra state, even as he urged the youths to swing into action with pro­jects and programmes that would reinvigorate growth and development in Ifitedunu. He asked them to support the government of Governor Wil­lie Obiano and his second term agenda.

Ezekwelu said: ‘’The inaugu­ration was supervised by the state Government with repre­sentatives of the Town Union and the guidelines we gave were followed to the later even all the security agencies had representation at the venue and it went smoothly till the end and the youths hosted us in appreciation of peaceful inauguration. I wonder why some prominent men were being harassed by the police. I call on the citizens of Ifitedunu to be law abiding irrespective of one’s position and status in line with the desire of the state Governor’’.

He said further that the youths sang Liberation song for being inaugurated and wondered why people should be against the inauguration of the youths while holding tight to their own positions. He thanked Obiano for giving youths opportunity to serve in his government.

Obiano’s aide commended Prince Oduche, Ikenga Ifit­edunu for canvassing for sup­port for Obiano’s second term and urged him to continue his mobilization.

In his contribution, Iken­ga Ifitedunu, Prince Uche Oduche (KSC), said he has for­given the President General of Ifitedunu Chief Samuel Nweke and all those who joined forces with him in hauling insults on him during the community’s town hall meeting as well as the humiliation by the arrest, for peace and progress of Ifit­edunu community, even as he appealed to them to allow eve­ry section of the community’s arm of leadership to exist and function independently and collaboratively for progress and development of the com­munity.

He decried a situation peo­ple who claim they are rich use their wealth to create confu­sion in the community rather than use it in developing and creating empowerment for youths in Ifitedunu.

He thanked Governor Obi­ano for appointing Mr Mark Okoye , the youngest commis­sioner in the state as well as the Commissioner for Social Welfare, children and Women Affairs, Dr Victoria Chikwelu and the traditional ruler as Chairman of Anambra state Hospitals Management Board among others.

He said Ifitedunu is known for excellence and integrity not charlatanism, pointing out that their son Hon Lawrence Ezeudu is a member of House of Assembly and another Chief Ben Nwabueze is an appointee of the Presidency.

Prince Oduche announced his endorsement of Obiano for a second term and urged all citizens of Dunukofia to root for Obiano’s second term agenda without compromise. He urged all groups to be com­mitted and dedicated to peace , development and growth in Ifitedunu.


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