Obiano and Okorocha Media War Thickens

By Johnbosco Ubasie

The war between Govs. Willie Obiano and  Rochas Okorocha has become intensified with Okorocha calling Obiano a fool. Okorocah spoke through one of his on-line aides, Mr. Abel  Ibe. It will be recalled that Obiano said that Okorocha has not provided inspirational leadership to be taken seriously by anybody.

His full release reads:

“We have followed the politics of Anambra State. We all are aware how Obi bled himself to impose Gov. Willie Obiano on the people of Anambra State against all opposition. Even Chief Victor Umeh opposed that and had to be paid close to 1 Billion Naira to accept.

Even before he was sworn in, Obiano had already started attacking Mr. Peter Obi.

We see daily how his aides and those of Victor Umeh attack Obi. Their latest falsehood was the claim that Obi said he would remove President Buhari and that he donated 25 hectares of land to a religious group. This is the fruit Obi is reaping for making him Governor.

 Not used to fighting dirty, Obi kept his cool. Even his fighter, Mr. Valentine Obienyem only put up sporadic defenses, we later understood that Obi directed him not to attack Obiano.
Now election is approaching, Obiano, a fool thinking himself wise, is making moves to deceive Obi through false repentance.

In his folly, he thinks everybody is Obi. After Gov. Rochas Okorocha made a harmless statement about Governors of the South East joining the APC, almost all the Governors reacted. But it was only Obiano that spoke like a motor park tout.

Where can you compare Obiano and Rochas to warrant Obiano attacking Rochas? If not for being Governor, will Obiano ordinarily sit in meeting with Okorocha? We blame Obi for foisting a man who did not have kobo on the people of Anambra State. Today they tell us he was a wealthy man before he became Governor, yet he could not pay his ticket from the USA to Nigeria.

How can you compare the two in terms of governance? In spite meeting empty treasury and debt when he became Governor, Okorocha is performing above average. Obiano is the only Governor in Nigeria that met no debt and inherited over 100 Billion Naira from Obi and yet under him Anambra State is now owing over 60 Billion Naira. Is street light he is mounting a justification for over 100 Billion he inherited and over 60 Billion Naira he has borrowed?

In Imo, Rochas takes less than 250 Million as security vote, but Obiano takes 1.2 Billion and his wife 2.5 Million monthly. Who between the two is lacking in leadership?
Rochas has less than 100 aides, while Obiano has over 600, between the two, who is lacking in leadership?

Rochas has signed less than 20 MoUs and they are being implemented, while Obiano has signed over 100 out of which not more than 3 are being implemented, who is lacking in leadership?

Morally, have you heard Rochas messing up with women, he is happily and responsibly married, but we hear Obiano dancing around with women. What are they hiding about the Miss ABS, Chidimma? How many girls that attended to him in hotels where he stayed before being sworn in did he make aides? How many people did his wife slap?

How many children does he have outside marriage? We heard that his latest appointee, Chinwe Iwuchukwu who worked with him in Fidelity Bank bore him a child? While Rochas is a moral example, Obiano is a moral misfit.

Today, it was due to Gov. Willie Obiano that South-East Governors are not meeting. This is a revelation for another day.

How many people or relations of Rochas have you heard are among political appointees? Under Obiano, over 200 of his  over 600  appointees are from his town. All his brothers and sisters are either SA or SSA. Among the two who has inspired leadership?

When other Governors are talking, Obiano should not even talk. He is not happy because after approaching Sen. Chris Ngige and  Rochas Okorocha  to be allowed to enter APC and get automatic ticket, they  told him it was not possible, since it will bring confusion in Anambra State among other older members of the party, he has been attacking Okorocha.

 Meanwhile the same man secretly met the SGF and offered to donate 5 Billion Naira of Anambra money and be allowed to enter the APC .

The man talking about inspiration in leadership cannot boast of any completed project in 3 years.

It is only in Anambra that a leader is building three bridges to a place that has a population of less than 5,000 because it passed through his town. It is only in Anambra that a man can award three roads to the airport that is yet to be built and call all these inspirational leadership.

The moment Obiano engaged in EXPO during Governorship debate in spite of warnings by the organizers that we know Anambra State has entered the hands of a crook. See what he is doing in the State. He goes about presenting Obi’s projects to newspaper houses and bribing them to be named their man of the year.  We heard he is claiming to have done Head bridge road and other critical roads long completed before he became Governor.

 Is this inspirational leadership.

We shall stop here for now and will do thorough comparison in due time. “


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