How To Recover An Economy From Recession

 The economic growth of a country depends largely on the discipline and mind-set of both the leaders and the led.Human resources is the highest assets of all country. From economics point of view, without labor, other factors of production will remain dormant.

 No natural resources will be exploited. It is Labour that grows the economy of any country. If the citizens of a country shun labor and desire seeming easy way of making money, the country will not grow economically. Today,most people want to cheat the system. Character is sacrificed. In my secondary school days, I never saw our Commerce teacher in class. Yet she came to school every day, signed her attendance and drove her children to a private school. Meanwhile, she collects her salary in the end. There in the university, some lecturers will not lecture for a whole semester, yet exams are set when due by the same lectures who were some where minding their own private business. In most government hospitals, the same thing obtains.

Some consultants/doctors/pharmacists will not see patients for days, weeks, months but they will always be available in their private establishments. In the end, huge amount of money will be given to them and with undisturbed conscience, they collect it.On the road, the forcemen are busy collecting money, minding their own personal pockets,so the aim of their job is denied.In the business world, nobody will show another the way. Here, you hear such statement”Business is secret”.

On the national assembly,you see a situation where you employ a sales girl on a salary base, but she turns to tell you that anytime she sits down to document the things that form her main job, that you will pay her sitting fee.They are elected to represent and make laws for the country. This is their main job. But each time they gather to do this main job for which they are primarily elected, a totally different huge amount of money is mapped out and it is called sitting allowance. Meanwhile, they still have to collect their fixed salary at the end of the month.Do you see the picture now? They collect their salary after all, but they do not earn it.Yeah! To earn means THE RIGHT TO HAVE, TO BE AND TO SPEAK. When all these are going on, how do you expect the economy to grow? And the youngsters are there watching and waiting to be given the opportunity to come and do the same thing.Who then will bail the cat?THIS MIND SET OF COLLECTING MORE MONEY WITHOUT DOING COMMENSURATE WORK IS THE REASON WE DO NOT GROW AS A COUNTRY. Because a greater majority wants something for nothing, that is why we easily go wrong in our economic decisions.So, a network (MMM) was introduced, though opposed by the government then but our craze for effortless richness, something for nothing blindfolded many. But now, I believe sight is regained and the result is clear. If the minds of the middle class are literally opened, you will discover that most have no thought of what to do that will benefit us as a country. Virtually all thoughts are centralized.How then do you expect the economy to grow? Just last year, the total budgets of the 36states and FCT was over 12Trillion naira.The amount recovered from looters were not included. But hitherto, our population stands at 187.something million. This was the highest budget since the existence of this country. But did common man feel the impact? Your guess is as good as mine. Know this, a person doesn’t constitute a society or a country. If you say you are working for the public but the public are saying they are not feeling the impact,it is time to review the objects of your impact. Only you know this more.In my own estimation, the country is not suffering from any recession, it’s suffering from an ACUTE MORAL DECADENCE.


Few years ago, the CBN disclosed that it is only 70million Nigerians that have bank accounts and over 60% of them have not upto five hundred thousand naira in their accounts. How does this sound to you? Can you now see that the country is too poor in the mind?Begin now to have a change of mind set .encourage communal wealth where ever you are.

Individual wealth does not grow economy. If all would give 1% of thoughts to their country, stop cheating the system, their economy must surely grow. Always give your best wherever you are.Watch words:I have decided to make a difference in my life and in my world and I have decided to pay the price.



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