By Okechukwu Onuegbu

The In-depth Expression Ventures, producers of UNIQUE WOMAN, a television talk show program televised on Sundays at 8pm by Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) has crowned Aisha Edward of Association of People Living with Sickle Cell Disorder (APLSCD) as Unique Woman.

 According to CHINYERE IBE who is The Host of the Reality Talk Show, Mrs. Edward was selected on the international women day because the TV program was created to celebrate women, who have excelled in their chosen career and vocations.

“The program is poised towards discovering and celebrating women like Aisha. It is a platform to discuss , educate and share life experiences with the public with emphasis on how she was able to rise to the top in spite of social and cultural difficulties and how she is handling the Challenging Career and life while taking care of her family.

IBE added that, “We believed that Aisha’s true life story will go a long way in touching the lives of our younger generation most especially the young girls and women looking up to her as their role model. She always relates her life history from the cradle, studentship, serving in the military as a teacher and an investigative reporter. From her character, you need not to be told that she is an ever caring successful mother, a Moral crusader and a national coordinator of Association Of people living with sickle Cell Disorder ( APLSCD.)

Receiving the accolades, Edward appreciated the TV Program for the RECOGNITION AWARD, saying, “I am full of thanks and gratitude for this surprise visit and priceless award bestowed on me. I hereby dedicate it to all the Late Members of APLSCD and Mothers of Sickle Cell Victims.

It is a good start to mark a memorable International Women's Day for me right from my Home. Allahamdulahi. Bismilla, May God be praised Forever.
Edward further used the medium to make case for the sickle cell disorder patients.
“I am calling on women, feminists, and Government to make it a point of duty to be celebrating this day and others with our Members. We need their support and care. They are our mothers. They can’t just breed us and abandon us to rot while advocating for whatever case.

It is too difficult and so expensive to raise a Sickle Cell Child, and We are urging our mothers to start learning on how to Donate even a Cup of Rice to those Victims whom they brought to life yet were abandoned to their fate as well as discriminated in Job Opportunities. Women making a Strong Statement on their behalf while Celebrating a day like this would go a long way in assuring them of a better Security to live longer and face a better tomorrow. They can visit and celebrate with us during our general Meetings or Festive periods.

 It gives Exceeding joy for a mother to be with her children in Time of Need and Despair and Most importantly when there are reoccurring emotional and psychological breakdown.

“Those advocating for women equality or feminism should also join us on campaign against multiplying sickle cell anemia children. They should join us beg the legislatures to enact the Long awaiting Law to provide for our needs. We are also appealing to the government to create an enabling environment for us to live in and contribute our quota. They should empower, employ and offer us  free Education like APLSCD is currently doing.

 There is no basis to be discriminatory while providing for the Physically Challenged yet We are also Denied of Same Opportunity. We condemn the act of Segregating our people for any reason.
However we Shall continue to pray for our Mothers Nevertheless.


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