By Aisha Edward

The news of factions in the National Youth Council of Nigeria has gone a long way in bringing to fore how Youths of our country place their priorities. It is no new saying that the reason for these obviously sponsored factions is for the political interests of the sponsors and scarcely for the youths being used as tools.

Coming at a time when Franklin Onwubiko, a young graduate pulled a huge stunt in Katsina State by single handedly organizing a sensitization awareness campaign on sickle cell across many schools, the situation beckons for a rethink on the main issues facing the youths. The National Youth Council, which can be said to be the body governing youths in the country are busy fighting for the peanuts of their paymasters and leaving the works they ought to have done. One may wonder to what end the society may gain from the political factions in the council that is expected to be the fulcrum to move the Nation forward.

Franklin Onwubiko, has not only paved a long path of achievement for himself by his charitable act in Katsina state, but has also left footprints that ought to be followed by youths across the countries. We cannot continue to lament on the unavailability of employment in the country when we can gainfully create these employment ourselves. Onwubiko is a typical example of the prototype of what Nigerian youths should be. He paved the way for himself, waiting for nobody to employ or create the opportunity for him. From writing for other blogs, and working as PR to various Agencies, companies and government, he carved the niche for himself by creating his own blog, and this every their Nigerian youth can do on their own in the various sectors of the economy including Agriculture.

The National Youth Council should hide their faces in shame, as this works of Onwubiko in Katsina is the least of what was expected of them, but what they neglected due to their quest for the peanuts they receive from their paymasters. If at this stage we hear about continuous factions from our youths, what then is the future of the polity and politics of the country, if the youths cannot disagree to agree, but continuously fighting themselves for the gains of paymasters and political godfathers?

At this point when the country’s economy is crying, youths should emulate the zeal and efforts of Onwubiko and believe that they can create opportunities for themselves, rather than waiting for these opportunities to be created for them. They can be job givers rather than job seekers.



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