The last has not been heard on the messy divorce suit instituted by the wife of the former governor of Anambra State, Mr. Magret Obi who is the daughter of the founder of Olumba Olumba Obu occultic church. In a court proceedings monitored by our correspondence, the Lawyer to Mrs Obi laid her arguments which is like a final nail on the coffin on any hope of reconciliation and settlement. At the Principal Registry of the Family Division ( PRFD FD1400079 ) of the High Court of Justice, London, Mrs Obi told the court that the marriage between her and Peter Obi was marred with ‘adultery’ and
‘unreasonable behaviours’. He has constantly and without shame breached his marital vows and frequently committed adultery in the most scandalous fashion with as many as twenty women among whom is Miss Patience Okonkwo from Ifite Awka whom her husband built a house for. She told the court that she has tolerated the sordid actions and extra marital affairs of Obi for over twenty years because she is genuinely concerned about the welfare and emotional stability of their two children.

She further told the Court that she rarely spend time together with her husband due to the husband insensibility to their marriage. Special occasions such as Christmas, Birthdays and family occasions and anniversaries past them by and they hardly spent any time together as a family as the husband is more devoted to his mistresses and Valntine Obienyem. During the developmental period of our two children, I felt that my husband has been unavailable as a father to our children and that is why my son disowned him and today refused to recognised my husband as his father she said. Mrs Obi feels that she has been mentally, physically and emotionally deprived of the experience of a marital relationship and further described her husband as “crazy”, “unforgiving”, “stingy” and “stupid” She feels humiliated by the way

he treats her in the presence of Valentine Obienyem and she felt raped, worn out and wasted.The level and direction the divorce suit is going will not only be messy but may signal the end of Obi's political career. It is disheartening listening to the woman he married many years ago. She is a pitiable sight to behold as she tells the court her embarrassments in marriage with Peter Obi.

She is asking the court to compel her husband to consent to her right to acquire and own about five properties scattered around Europe. She is asking for her statutory marriage rights which gives her the right to acquire, hold or dispose of property acquired during marriage with Peter Obi. She is also asking for two billion naira as payout. To Mrs Magret Obi, the divorce is the most difficult experiences she ever faces. The emotional impact of ending her marriage is difficult enough, but knowing that she is losing her husband to a man, Valentine Obienyem even more traumatic.

The presiding judge in the divorce case wants to ensures that both parties exhaust all forms of dialogue and reconciliation to save the marriage especially in this marriage that produced two grown up children. Peter Obi will take the box in the next sitting of the court on the 22nd of March, 2017.

Culled from the Telegraph page


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