Prince Ken Emeakayi does not speak for PDP - PDP Anambra State Chapter .

It has came to my notice as the Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party, Anambra State Chapter that Chief Ken Emeakayi has been stroking the embers of war and disunity in the state by calling for the impeachment of the Executive Governor of Anambra State.

The said publication on page ten of the Daily Sun Newspapers of Tuesday, 21st day of February, 2017 titled "Impeach Obiano now PDP urges Anambra Assembly is an attempt by Ken Emeakayi to throw the State into chaos and unrest and must be condemned.

To start with, Chief Ken Emeakayi is not the State Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP Anambra State chapter and has no locus standi to speak on issues concerning Anambra State on behalf of People Democratic Party. Consequently, let it be known and understood that whatever Ken Emeakayi said in that publication is not a true reflection of the stand of my party, PDP.

The views expressed in that publication is his personal opinion as a Nigerian with no portfolio whatsoever in People Democratic Party. Let me also put it on record that just last year,  both the State and Federal High Court in Awka declared that Ken Emekayi was never elected as Chairman of PDP, Anambra State and restrained him from parading himself as such, in a suit he filed himself.

Mr. Ken is hereby strongly warned in his own interest to cease & desist forthwith from acting in the capacity of the State Chairman of People Democratic Party, Anambra State Chapter or face the consequences of impersonation in a Court of competent jurisdiction. Mr. Ken is advised to stop misleading the public by ascribing to himself an undeserved importance by ostensibly chasing shadows and vain glory.

He does not have the constitutional right to asked for the removal of a sitting Governor with executive powers as conferred by section 176 (2) of the Nigerian constitution. We the members of the Peoples Democratic Party, Anambra State Chapter are ready for the forthcoming Governorship election and are working very hard to win. Therefore, the masquerading posture of Ken Emeakayi is not our game plan for taking over Anambra State in next election . We are poised as a national party to prove our mettle in the  forthcoming Governorship election in Anambra State.

I hereby call on Anambra State House of Assembly and all the law enforcement Agencies to disregard the rants from Ken Emeakayi. The People Democratic Party will in due course punish erring members like Ken Emeakayi who takes laws into their own hand with intent to rubbish the party or use the party's platform for personal enrichment.

We the members of Peoples Democratic Party wish to commend the Executive Governor of Anambra State for the secured and peaceful environment we are enjoying in the State. The State is the most secured and peaceful state in Nigeria today. Commerce and Industry are booming and workers are paid as at when due. The above notwithstanding,  that is not an endorsement of Chief Willie Obiano  APGA led Government. We in PDP believes strongly that more needs to be done considering the enormous resources ( both human & material) available to our State. That is why PDP is working hard to take over governance in 2018.

Signed on the 24th of February, 2017 by
Chief Emeka Nzekwe,
Peoples Democratic Party,
Anambra State Chapter.


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