Willie is Willingly Working - By CATHOLIC Archbishop Emeritus of Lagos Archdiocese , Anthony Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie

CATHOLIC Archbishop Emeritus of Lagos Archdiocese , Anthony Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie, had never hidden his disdain for misconduct of political leaders as he had always criticised them, sometimes at great risk to his personal life. The fearless cleric has persistently admonished politicians to repent from their profane and sinful behaviours, which were at variance with the commandments of God.

Speaking when managers of Vanguard Media Limited visited him at his Lagos residence, the retired Cardinal defended the success story being recorded in Anambra  state was as a result of the good leadership of the state Governor , HE Willie Obiano .

“For example, look at what Gov. Willie Obiano has been doing in Anambra State, but because some people know he is eligible to contest for a second term, they are now calling for his impeachment. You see Nigerians!” He frowned at the recent attempts by some Anambra citizens to instigate the state House of Assembly to impeach the governor as another election approaches pointing out that Nigerian politicians should play by the rules of engagement.This is my own view !”, Okogie further argued. He noted that the focus of those who were supposed to herald the gospel was on money and wealth which had given rise to pride. According to him, “Our heavenly father, when He was sending each and everyone of us to this world, didn’t send us empty handed. Every creature, human being especially was given talents right from our mother’s womb and in His infinite kindness directs it, otherwise you will not be what you are. Some people who think they know better

Some people who think they know better than God, unfortunately try to jump into what God didn’t make them to be. “Let’s take Nigeria for instance, 2019 is coming, there will be election, those who are not meant for it will go into it. Why? Not to improve the nation, not for the glory of God, but because of money,” he stressed.


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