APGA is on life support- APC

The conspicuous absence of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in a
duly constituted meeting, set up by the Independent National Electoral
Commission (INEC) held in Abuja, to discuss a number of critical
issues, with the National Chairmen of ALL political parties, including
‘10 dead and risen’ political parties yesterday is not only a sign
that APGA is on life support machine, but a conclusive proof that
those who hang their hope on what used to be a political party are
building on nothing.

We recall with regret that APGA spent the period of the National
Conference set up in 2014 in court trying to decide who will attend,
until ten days to the end of the conference. Yet a one-eyed leader in
their midst boast of doing everything in a confab in which the report
outline had been submitted before his arrival.

 Top of the agenda on INEC’s meeting was filling the vacancies in the
National Assembly, in which Anambra Central Senatorial seat made
vacant by a sore, yet suspect chain of APGA lawsuits has denied the
people representation.

It is therefore provocative that meeting designed to find the way
forward was disregarded by APGA, as a first salvo towards returning to
the trenches to sabotage Anambra Central Senatorial District for
phoney business ends.

Yet APGA  before now, had chosen to rely on a fellow without
credibility to block the  chances of the senatorial district being
represented in the ruling caucus in the Red Chambers and boasted of a
one-state party finding its way to the national Assembly,with a
one-man caucus, against the wish of all right-thinking citizens of
Anambra State.

But most importantly, APGA cannot in all honesty point at a human
figure today that can be referred to as its National Chairman, an
index of party maladministration. As a party is run, so is the
government under the control of the party run. APGA runs only one
State Government in Nigeria now, where the state confiscates local
government funds for Government House disco parties with surplus

We admit that it is not only APGA that has this challenge of not
knowing who their National Chairman is. Yet others are at least making
attempts to resolve theirs. But not APGA! How can APGA do same without
imaginative ideas and when the crème de la crème of the nation they
claim to stand up for, without concrete proof, are everywhere but
within the ailing party called APGA?

We urge the people of Anambra Central Senatorial District to mark
their diaries  with this remarkable disappointment from those who do
good business that take them to banking halls with their collective
destiny and await the day of reckoning, when speaking with a loud
voice is inevitable.

Once again we state in clear terms that any seat in the National
Assembly that does not emerge from national political parties, the
most promising of which is APC for the South East in order to take
full advantage of the 2019 scenario which vista has come into sight
with the fixture of election date and the visible acceleration of
political dynamics is a colossal waste.

We seize this opportunity,  welcome the latest new members entering
APC in droves to help reposition Anambra State and a future Nigeria in
which the South East has a stronger role ,and assure others that the
door has not closed on them, as the APC platform is large enough to
accommodate all those who indicate interest.



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