As a child, I behaved like a clown –Wofaifada

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Wofai Ewa, popularly known as Wofaifada, is a comedienne, TV presenter and actress. She speaks with JOY MARCUS about her struggles and how she made it this far
How did you start doing comedy skits?
I used to record funny things about myself because my friends said that I was very funny.  They said I should start recording some of my jokes and I did. I started doing it because of my friends, not because I wanted to be famous. 
How do you get inspiration for your skits?
It is a talent that was given to me by God because I could just sit down and an idea would pop up. I also get inspiration from the things that happen around me. Some of my skits are about things that happened to me or my friends.
What was your struggle before you became this popular?
The struggle started when I was 12 years old. My mum is a hustler and I got that from her. I always looked for something to do because I didn’t want to sit in one place. If I am not busy, I may fall sick. I have sold things ranging from palm oil, waterleaf, mangoes, sugarcane, groundnut and sachet water. Even while I was a student at the University of Calabar, I used to sell clothes. There was a time I thought of relocating to America because my school was closed due to a strike. I wanted to learn a trade; then, I learnt how to make hair. When I graduated, I moved to Lagos to continue the hustle.
How long have you been in Lagos?
I have been in Lagos for about three years now. I don’t have any family here in Lagos and I think I am doing very well.
What is your educational history?
I have a degree in Theatre and Media Studies from the University of Calabar. 
What was your childhood ambition?
My ambition as a child was to be a journalist because I always admired the presenters on the Nigerian Television Authority station then. I wanted to be a television personality but I didn’t know the direction to follow. My dad wanted me to become a doctor but I sat for the university matriculation examination three times and it didn’t just work for me. I then decided to study Law; I didn’t know that God wanted me to go to the media department. However, I was told that as a child, I used to behave like a clown.
What is the biggest job you have ever done as a comedian?
Hosting the Lord of the Ribs show in Chicago. I was very nervous because the place was filled with white people and I didn’t know how to start. But as I started, everyone just went along with me.
Do you also do stand-up comedy?
I don’t do stand-up comedy because I am scared of it. It is too spontaneous; you are expected to crack jokes for people to laugh. I just host events.
How long have you been doing comedy skits?
I have been doing comedy skits for about five years now.
Can you recall the first fee you were paid as a comedian?
The first amount I was paid as a comedian was N30,000 by Closeup tooth paste. They sent me an email that I should do something for them. I was just laughing because I didn’t understand the power of social media then. At that time, I was just doing my thing. I didn’t even bargain, I collected the money and said to myself that I was going to continue this work.
Why did you decide to go into food business?
That was a dream I’d had for a long time. I am from Calabar and I love cooking, especially afang soup. My friends know that anytime they come to my house, they would eat afang soup. There was a day some of my friends came visiting and I didn’t cook afang soup; so, they gave me money to cook for them. That brought an idea to my head that I could start selling afang soup. I discussed the idea with my partners, the Monkey Media Group, and after our discussion, they created a website even before I became ready and that was how the business started. We have been getting a lot of patronage.
What kind of partnership do you have with Monkey Media Group?
It is not really a partnership; they are the ones in charge of tracking the orders and most other things because I can’t do it all by myself.
What plans do you have for the business?
We just started a few weeks ago and we are trying to build a structure for it. We have plans to establish in other states aside Lagos.
What challenges do you face?
The only challenge would be JustAfang because I am still trying to build a structure for the business. It is only a few weeks old and I am trying to combine it with all the other things I do, like shooting the TV series, Flat mates. Sometimes, I am supposed to cook in the morning but I must also be on set at that time. At times, while I am training people, my mind would still be on the kitchen, wondering if they are putting the right amount of crayfish or spices into the soup. Until people can’t differentiate between me and my staff’s cooking, I won’t be at peace.
What drives you?
I want to make so much money. I want to get to a point where I won’t have to hustle anymore because of all my investments and I have all the money coming in. I want to get to that point where I won’t be jumping to everything and I won’t need to work so hard.
Which people have made the biggest impression on you in the industry?
That would be Funke Akindele because she is a hard worker. I use to know her in the series, I Need to Know. Till this day, she is till everywhere. It is not easy to be consistent. Some people that started with her are nowhere to be found but Funke has managed to be consistent. She is one of the people that I look up to because if she can still be consistent to this point, then I can too. Even Omoni Oboli; I remember watching her movies when I was in secondary school and she is still producing. I also admire Mo Abudu. I remember her TV show, Moments with Mo, and we can all testify to how big she is now.
How and when did you develop interest in acting?
I am a natural actress. Sometimes, I meet the people that I feature in skits right there on the street and I tell them about the idea. Sometimes, they do it even better than people who studied Theatre Arts. For instance, the skit I did with a guy, in which I was an Okada rider. The guy who was my passenger was not told what to say. I just told him to stop me and tell me he is going somewhere and that was it. He did it so well. When you have it in you, it is inevitable. When I saw my name in the admission list of Theatre Arts, I was upset but I didn’t have any choice because I just wanted to go to school. If not, I would have declined the admission. Acting for me has been by God’s direction.
Did you parents support your career at the start?
(Laughs) They don’t even understand what I am doing. I just tell my mum to watch Africa Magic. They don’t even say ‘Wow, I saw you on TV’ because they don’t understand. The only thing my mum was impressed with was JustAfang. When I tell her that I want to go and shoot a video, she doesn’t understand.
What is your relationship with other online comedians?
I try as much as I can to reach out to all of them. Before now, I made sure that I shot skits with every online comedian but some felt like I was trying to take their followers, so I don’t even bother anymore. I just stay on my lane.
Do you have any regrets?
Yes, I regret having a tattoo. Ironically the writing on the tattoo says, ‘No regrets’, but I regret it. I will take it out very soon.
What are the qualities you like in men?
Firstly, you need to be handsome for me to even look at you. You also have to be innovative. If I am on 10 per cent, you need to be on 60 per cent. You must also be hard-working, caring and loving.
How would you describe your fashion style?

I like to dress cool but classy though I am not really a fashion enthusiast. I like clothes that you can wear to anywhere at anytime. I am not the kind of person that will wear a suit and sit in an office because I will suffocate. I guess that is why God gave me this talent.

What are your other interests?

My other interest is to produce movies. I have my scripts ready but I don’t have enough money to shoot now.


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