"I am realistic enough to know that there are bound to be set backs. But experience reinforces what all of us know in our hearts -that there is no sound alternative to working together." -Prince Nicholas Ukachukwu.
We will give high priority to working for a return to full employment. A good job is a basic human right. During the last decade my movement have responded to the alarming unemployment crisis by helping thousands of Nigerians directly and indirectly to take up new jobs and training.

Now we will concentrate special attention on more jobs and training for our zone Anambra South , the young and the long-term unemployed, and give them hope for the future.
Prince Nicholas Ukachukwu is deeply concerned to enlarge people's freedom. Our policy will be to tilt the balance of power back to the individual and the neighbourhood, and away from the bureaucrats of few individuals wielding the freedom of the masses in our Senatorial Zone.
Industrial democracy - giving working men and women a voice in the decisions which affect their jobs - is an idea whose time has come in Anambra South . Council tenants will have more freedom from bureaucratic control in their own homes. Parents and teachers will have a greater freedom to influence the running of their children's schools. These are practical ways to set the people free/
*Prince Nicholas Ukachukwu* will give a strong lead in the decade ahead. But no government can do it all. Our purpose is to deepen the sense of unity, kinship and community feeling that had always marked out our fellow Anambra South men and women. No zone can succeed by accepting benefits without responsibilities. I ask everybody who shares in my vision, ideals and our faith in the new Anambra South to join with us in securing the return of a government that dares to turn the dream of a caring society into practical action. And then work with us to complete the building of Anambra South offering hope, social justice, and fairness to all.

*We can't  afford to make mistake  again.*

*Let's support Prince Nicholas Ukachukwu for Senate, Anambra South zone 2019.*

*Ndigbo K'anyi zobanu Nke anyi



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