MIDWEST SUMMIT 2018: Indigenes demand De-federalization of Nigeria

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The 12 tribes of the old Midwestern region of Nigeria have demanded for a de-federalization of the country to recognise Edo and Delta states as a constitutional demarcated MidWestern region created in 15th of July 1963.
The leaders of thought from the region though affirmed their incontrovertible support for the corporate existence of Nigeria as a country, requesting that the mistakes allegedly  perpetuated during the three decades of the nation’s military interregnum should be corrected as the country is clamouring for a restructured state.

Leaders under the MidWestern region group request that the region should be accorded equal rights other regions are currently enjoying, noting that resources from each region should be allowed to be controlled by the people with the view of remitting a considerable recompense in form of royalty to the centre.
Leaders of thought from Delta and Edo state have requested that the states that were once demarcated as the Old Mid-Western region during the 1963 constitution which is currently sitting on the area coverage of about 35,000 square kilometers should be accorded its rightful stance in the nation’s economic, political and recognition as the fourth region duly created by the country republican constitution in 1963.
The group dissociates selves from the clamour by some ethnic agitators laying claim to their territory, carving it to suit their political or ethno-centric comforts, said their stance to refuse henceforth any undue assertions that will draw their territory to unjustifiable agitation for selfish political convenience would be strongly resisted by them.
Resource persons at the summit took a swipe to underscore the need for Nigeria to undergo restructuring exercise, as a veritable framework to allow uneven development among its component units.
The MidWestern  region which comprises of the twelve ethnic nationalities OF Edo and Delta State, who are kinfolks from Akoko-Edo, Benin (Edo),Enuani (Aniocha/Osimili), Esan, and Esako.
Other tribes are Ndokwa, Ika, Isoko, Itsekiri, Izon, Owan and Urhobo in Delta state.
The group called for structural deconstruction of the Nigeria Federation to recognise Edo and Delta as Midwestern region, requesting that government should also broaden the spectrum and consult with stakeholders of all ethnic nationalities including MidWestern territory , with a view to work out modalities to ease the avoidable tension arisen from perceived neglect, marginalization and flawed in the Nation federal system.
Bamidele Ajayi, Awka, Anambra State



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