On the Wednesday 12th August, our Landlord Arc J.J. Emejulu executed the court order of mandamus on his Airport layout land, phase IV and V, one of the boys living in the area called me on phone to come and witness what was going on there because I bought a plot of land from Arc. J.J. Emejulu about two years ago.

When I got there around 12 noon, I was told that Emejulu had gone with his over forty police men because some air force officers were sent by the Governor to stop further execution of the court order. As we were there looking around with Hon. Cornelius Nnaji, the Enugu State Governor arrived the scene. He was so furious over what my Landlord Arc. J.J. Emjulu did on the fence wall of his property. The same land that we all witnessed its court execution three years ago has now turned into airport’s land, Hon. Cornelius Nnaji and some commissioners were there with the Governor telling His Excellency the need to go to Arc J.J. Emejulu’s private residence in Trans-Ekulu Enugu and order for the demolition of my landlord’s house in retaliation for his effrontery in pulling down fence pillars that was been construction on his land. It was there that the Governor placed a call and asked Mr. Ken Onoh, the Managing Director of Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority (ECTDA) to proceed to his private residence. The entire Governor’s convoy now took off to Trans-Ekulu residence of our landlord. 

I followed up and stayed in a shop at the beginning of Eziokwe street, the residence of Arc. J.J. Emejulu. After about 30 minutes in Emejulu’s house, the entire convoy left the street. As I was about going out, Mr. Ken Onoh arrived the street and went straight to Arc J.J. Emejulu’s residence. He and his men equally left after about 30 minutes stay in the house. I drove pass my landlord’s house and noticed that a demolition notice of 24 hours has been pasted on his gate.

Two days after on a Friday morning of 14th August, 2020, my friend living in the street called me to start coming around again because of the heavy presence of the police and demolition equipments in Arc. J.J. Emejulu’s residence. On getting there, so many onlookers were already present. After consultations on phone, they demolished the first house and as they were about to go, another call came that authorized them to pull down the second house.

What pained my heart over the demolition was not the two state of Art buildings that were mowed down but having the temerity to demolish the Groto of Holy Virgin Mary along with the Miraculous Statue of the Mother of God. In my landlord’s sitting room also there was a very large Icon of our Mother of Perpetual Help that was equally crushed. I was around when my landlord invited priests and some religious to do a special ceremony of Enthronement/prayer for those two relics of the church. Governor Ugwuanyi who calls himself a catholic would have asked them to remove those consecrated relics of the Mother of God before embarking on the demolition. Governor Ugwuanyi and Mr. Ken Onoh have murdered sleep in the divine realm by this singular act of demolishing the statue and Icon of the Mother of God.

Our Governor with all those that planned and goaded him to embark on his sacrilegious act of demolishing the holy statue and Icon of the Mother of Christ have attracted unimaginable curses on themselves and their families. A governor that has gotten his fare share of curses by having no child outside the boy he has out of wedlock in his entire family, who eats as a pauper anywhere he sees food as if he has no hope of eating tomorrow only to be embarrassing Enugu State by the way and manner he would stop his heavy convoy and enter the bush to practice open defecation. A man with all these already to add curses of deadly catastrophe to his linage to the fifth generation with all his accomplices should start immediately to seek for genuine deliverance. All these men of God around him that will opt never to tell him the truth so that they will still be getting their regular goodies from the Governor have a share in these imminent disasters because of sin of omission on their part.

All of us about one hundred and ninety that bought land from Arc. J.J. Emejulu after seeing two judgments and a certificate of possession by an Enugu State High Court should not be allowed to suffer unduly. Inspite of his court execution of his high court judgment three years ago and the recent execution of a High Court order of Mandamus on Inspector General of Police and Enugu State Commissioner of Police, Governor Ugwuanyi deployed six Airforce armed men in the layouts to prevent us from working on our plots we bought genuinely and legitimately from Arc. J.J. Emejulu and is still in further contempt of court orders by continuing with work on the same land on behalf of Ministry of Aviation. So there is no more respect for the rule of law in Enugu State again and the entire Judiciary and the police are keeping quiet. And for His Excellency, Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to think that by killing our Landlord Arc. J.J. Emejulu, that the layout will now belong to him and his cronies is far from the correct situation for many of us that bought from Arc. J.J. Emejulu would never allow our land grabbing Governor to take what does not belong to him. Though our landlord is nowhere to be seen because they are after his life but many of us that bought land from him will give the Governor a fight of his life even Inspite of the fact that he has no respect for the rule of law. Even some of us from Nsukka are not spared for the Governor takes people’s land at will. Taking ill gotten money overseas is difficult now so he has resorted to having mini layouts/Estates everywhere and eighty percent of all the buildings there belong to him with all sorts of fictitious names.

Though Nsukka people never nominated him to be their Governor representative but he rather bought the seat from the former chief of staff to the Governor but he should know that he is doing a great damage to the image of Nsukka people as a whole. All these land acquisition from our Governor with fictitious names will not do him any good. People should stop chasing shadows and know that Hell and heaven are real.

Yours faithfully

Mr. Justine Ugwuoke


A land owner in Airport Road Layout Phase IV and V


The court process of taking the Minister of Aviation to Prison has commenced. This is due to the fact that inspite of a judgment of an Enugu State High Court in Suit No. E/642/2016 with its accompanying Certificate of Possession in favour of Arc. J.J. Emejulu as the legitimate owner of Airport Road Phase IV and V and also a recent Enugu State High Court order of Mandamus on the said layouts which is still subsisting. The Minister of Aviation in total violation and complete disrespect of these court orders, deployed six armed Airforce men to the said layouts to prevent about 192 people that bought properties from Arc. J.J. Emejulu from commencing work on their plots and the Minister is busy constructing fence wall and tarred roads inside the said layouts in total disregard of the law.

A country that allows its rulers to revel with impunity and lawlessness can never survive.




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