Ambassador Jeff Ubah

It has been brought to the attention of the Ibezi Media Organization the lies being circulated on the social media by Hon. Obinna Chidoka, accusing Hon.(Dr.) Ifeanyichukwu Ibezi of impersonation. Ordinarily, such attention-seeking and infantile lies, aimed at distracting Hon Ibezi do not merit any consideration from Hon. Ibezi. 

However, for the sake of those who may accord it any modicum of attention this response would suffice.

1. It is curious that for more than nine months since Hon. Obinna Chidoka was sworn in as the Member representing Idemili North and South Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives, he still believes he can only validate his stay in the National Assembly by maligning Ibezi. His fixation on Ibezi is such that no day has passed without a snide comment from him or his social media herdsmen. 

2. Hon. Obinna Chidoka should realize that since November 2019 Hon. Ibezi has moved on with his life and does not need the plate number of the National Assembly to endear himself to his constituents. Simply put, Ibezi does not need to validate his political influence through the use of National Assembly plate number.

3. It is unfortunate and tragic how low Hon. Obinna Chidoka has continued to sink with his inability to wriggle free from the shadows Ibezi left in his five months momentous stay at the National Assembly. It’s puerile that of all the issues that require urgent legislative attention in Idemili, Hon. Obinna Chidoka can only discuss about who owns vehicle plate number or not; and who’s impersonating him at the National Assembly. 

4. For the records, Ibezi did NOT write any letter and has no such vain obsession. Hon. Ibezi does not use a Prado SUV. He has no such vehicle in his fleet. This is open to confirmation. 

5. The diversionary letter which Obinna Chidoka is shamelessly circulating has no semblance of the language Ibezi or his office employs in writing. 

6. Stupidly the letter bears a curious date, 20202 and with several mutilations. Anybody familiar with Ibezi knows he is not given to sloppiness in everything he does, including his correspondences. Unlike Obinna Chidoka, he is diligent even in the most trivial of matters. In fact, he dislikes companionship with excessive casualness – that belongs to the vain-clacking and fleet-footed dancer, Obinna Chidoka. 

7. A careful look at the signature on the letter shows it was superimposed by an amateur forger. This is a matter for further investigations. 

8. The most foolish aspect of the allegation is Obinna Chidoka’s attempt to present the National Assembly as daft. It is unfortunate that Obinna Chidoka has shown through his petition that he is struggling to convince the management of National Assembly that he’s the one representing Idemili many months after he presented his procured certificate of return and was sworn-in. It says a lot about his character and persona. Was his declaration by the Court Appeal done in camera? Was the National Assembly not duly informed? Didn't his swearing in take weeks, if not months, to be effected? How possible is it for the National Assembly to rely on the information fed it by Ibezi to recognize him as a legislator? 

We are aware that Obinna Chidoka is consistently troubled by the rising profile of Ibezi whose five months record in the National Assembly he cannot match, much less beat. But he does not have to waste such effort, trying to invalidate Ibezi’s position. 

We know as does every political watcher that both men are poles apart. We are also not oblivious of the rising profile of Ibezi since the renewed activities in both Onne and Onitsha Inland Ports. Recall that since the motion on decongestion of the Lagos ports and the revitalization of the Eastern ports moved by Ibezi, the self-representing Chidoka has been in struggle to have a foothold at the Green Chambers. We are aware that his presence is neither felt in the National Assembly nor in the constituency. But we are not unmindful of the fact that nobody gives what he does not have.

Engaging in campaign of calumny is therefore the natural recourse for a middling achiever whose only claim to representation of his people even when he has done so over the years is the building of Ventilated Improved Pit latrines (VIP toilets) in few places in Idemili. 

It is important to state here that Obinna Chidoka has funny sense of entitlement which makes him levy wars, often impious; against anybody he considers a threat. Two previous representatives of the constituency, Hon. Charles Odedo and Dr. C.C Okeke were variedly harassed by Obinna Chidoka. Sadly for him, in Hon. Ifeanyichukwu Ibezi, Obinna Chidoka met a superior force that clipped his flapping wings. 

He is basking today as he has always done not on the strength of popular endorsement, but on an Appeal Court-induced victory. It is on record that he had always sneaked into the National Assembly through compromised court processes. He had always procured his victories at a price. The last was bought at a pricey N100m, made available to him by a sacked former Governor. Thankfully, nemesis has since rewarded this same ex- Governor as he was hoisted with his own petard.

 We know that the governorship election in Anambra State is coming up fast and Idemili Federal Constituency is very important in deciding who emerges governor. We are not deceived that efforts would be made to remove the only strong force that stands against the interest of the dynastic Chidokas. But we expect Obinna Chidoka to do better than inventing lies and making wild allegations. The race will not be for idlers whose only claim to representing the good people of Idemili is sniffing, hosting parties and dancing in night clubs. We know that those who fought to have Chidoka in the House are not comfortable with an Ibezi in the National Assembly, but we urge them to gird their loins as the battle ahead promises to take no prisoners. 

As a matter of fact,  the war has just begun and we ask Obinna Chidoka to reserve his bullets for the thickest of the fight. He should equally assemble his facts on the criminal allegations of impersonation because the onus of proof lies heavily on his head. Enough for the foolish. 


Ambassador Jeff Ubah



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