Defence chiefs plan to work together

 The news report that the Service Chiefs have agreed to work more together under the leadership of the Chief of Defence Staff, Lucky Irabor, excites members of the House Committee on Defence. 

The Committee chairman described the resolve as a welcome development. 

In the words of Babajimi Benson,  "as a nation, Nigeria’s lack of joined up and strategic cohesion amongst its many security outfits has been a major weakness in our security landscape. It is therefore gratifying to see a new resolve by the military services to work jointly together as the Armed Forces of Nigeria. This deep cooperation will strengthen command and control as well as effective leadership oversight of operations in the field".

The lawmaker promised that the Committee  would continue to provide all the requisite legislative support needed by the nation's gallant soldiers and their Commanders to ensure successful operations.

He commends the new Service Chiefs for their commitment to the nation’s security and appreciates their determination to embrace global best practices to further strengthen Nigeria's security architecture. 




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