PDP condemns Suspension of 6 Lawmakers


July 8, 2021

Press Statement

Imo PDP Condemns Undemocratic Suspension Of Imo Lawmakers, Charges Governor Uzodinma To Give Peace A Chance

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo State sadly receives the report of the unnecessary undemocratic suspension of some members of the Imo State House of Assembly (IMHA) by the nefarious cabal in the House. This Party finds the action absolutely unacceptable, totally condemns it and unequivocally urges those responsible for the ill-advised suspension to rescind the decision and recall the lawmakers without any delay.

Imo PDP recognizes that the suspended lawmakers are elected representatives of Imo people. The Party notes that to a very large extent the lawmakers are answerable to the people, whose mandates they are exercising, and should seamlessly be exercising. We are quite aware that the rules and regulations of the House does not envision the witch-hunt of the lawmakers by their equals that are privileged to be organizing the running and working of the House as is the case in the 9th Assembly.

Our Party considers as not cogent enough the reasons floated by the leadership of the House for the act of suspension of elected lawmakers. They are simply too vindictive, high-handed, dehumanizing and provocative The legislature is an arm of Government and not a department of the executive arm of Government. The system in Imo State where the executive arm arrogates so much power and authority over the legislature is undemocratic and must be jettisoned, to allow democracy to blossom and flourish in the State.

While our Party studies further the circumstances that led to the show of shame in the Imo Assembly, we keenly observe how the powers that be in the House are going to handle and manage the latest slap on democracy. We would, therefore warn that the executive arm of Government should desist from its meddlesomeness in the affairs of the legislative arm. That warning is coming because of our privileged information that the leadership of the House is composed by rubber stamp stooges of the executive in the State.

Imo PDP frowns at the prevarications of Governor Hope Uzodinma, who pontificates on the need for peaceful atmosphere in the State, but directly and indirectly continually sponsors acts that are capable of breaching the peace of the State and the people. Governor Uzodinma should leave Imo State House of Assembly alone to make useful laws for Imo people. Witch-hunting and hounding elected lawmakers, particularly those of the opposition PDP, is not in tandem with the governor's much talk about restoring peace in the State. Let there be genuine efforts to keep Imo State peaceful.


Ogubundu Nwadike,

State Publicity Secretary,

Imo PDP.



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