Ejike Anyaduba

It needs no extra sensory perception to know that the November 6 governorship election in Anambra will be tough. Not that others before it were any less challenging. 

However, the times now are different and political awareness has since increased. Opposition has intensified effort to whittle down APGA's staying force.

To achieve this, it peddles a lot of lies to besmear the sparkling performance of Governor Obiano. As I write, it is difficult to get a word in edgeways to tell the government story.

Unfortunately for the opposition,  ndi Anambra, are not dumb. They have their ears to the ground like the good old Al Barney of the James Hadley Chase series. They can point with justice at few legacy projects built by the government. They are not unappreciative of the International Airport, the International Convention Centre and the International stadium.

They do not forget who brought investors home to Anambra to boost the economy of the state.

They do not forget who relieved them from the horrible traffic at the Umunya end of the Enugu- Onitsha expressway by giving them access to Nteje through the building of the Nengo bridge. 

They do not forget who lifted Awka from the status of a glorified local government headquarters to a befitting state capital. 

They do not forget who built the three flyovers with floodlights that confer on Awka some semblance of a city. 

They do not forget who opened access to the oil field of Umueje with the construction of  a bridge there.

They do not forget who built the Odene bridge that links Aguleri upland and Aguleri Otu. 

They do not forget who built a bridge at Iyiora Anam that gives further impetus to agricultural produce.

They do not forget who broke the tradition of sacking employees engaged by previous government. 

They do not forget who empowered the youths of the state through agricultural loans, skill acquisition programs, and employed many of them in government agencies like ARMA, ARTMA, and as corporate cleaners who keep government offices as well as the streets clean.

They do not forget who offered comfort to those with disabilities.

They know the achievements in education. How well the ministry of education has been repositioned and the result since after.  

They know what achievements there are in the health sector. How well the state does in public health as well as its health insurance scheme. 

They know who built the biggest oxygen plant in the whole of the Southeast region.

They know not to join issues with the building of  a state of -the- art -hospital at Aguleri where the Governor was born.

They know who gave every community in the state a chance at development by allowing them any choice of projects. 

They know who took the mentally sick,  tramps and beggars off the streets of Anambra and herded them to a home at Nteje where they are managed by caregivers. 

They know who insulated the state from national economic recession and still pays salaries, emoluments, pensions and gratuities promptly. 

Overall, they know who has shown compassion in governance and will not rest on his oars until Anambra attains self sufficiency in development. They know Governor Willie Obiano means well for the state and will avail his party, APGA, and its candidate, Professor Soludo,greater support in November.

Ejike Anyaduba




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