Asiwaju 2023; A Sturdy Compass That Navigates POSITIVE Developments

By Oluomo Akanbi Ade Afonja 
"The clan is like a lizard, if it lose its tail, it will grow another." - African proverb
The dream of creating a paradise country, that we all can be proud of, is never about an individual or a group. Just like in the holy scriptures, the messages/purpose of a prophet or prophecy often outlive them because of who they were and what they stood for. 
At this critical point in time, alienation or differences based on gender, age, ethnicity, religion, etc should not be allowed to divide us, instead we should stand firm to achieve our agenda
There is a need for a well proven talent haunter and a tested human and material resources manager to move us forward. 
The need to build, unite and redefine our dear nation goes beyond personal gains, it goes beyond personal hatred or dislike but a unified voice to choose the right and competent person come 2023. 
A strategic plan must be in place with defined goals, like minds, competent hands and a fair consideration of the means of actualizing the said goal is key to our development as a country.
Just like you and I, Bola Tinubu is a figure in the movement, he is indeed our rallying point to move forward. Simply put, he is the compass to navigate us to our desired destination where development is at its peak.
This is a man that re-engineered the finances of Lagos to achieve developmental strides, even in the absence of federal allocation. 
A political guru whose tenure paved ways for more employment, increase in the infrastructure and reforms of civil service amidst other laudable projects in the state.
Undoubtedly, the roles Bola Tinubu has played, still playing towards the development of youth in the country can't be overlooked. He thread the path of youth involvement in politics and governance, mentoring and building the youth for the future, these not only help to restructure and empower the youths but also gives room for their voices to be heard in the country.
Asiwaju Bola Tinubu antecedents sets him apart, he has done it before, he is doing it and by the special grace of God, he will continue doing it. 
In all, success is not measured by the wealth you possess but the number of people you uplift. 
Asiwaju , the Jagaban borgu is a father, mentor and builder of prominent, significant leaders, kings and youths who are tremendously changing the narrative of their field positively to enhance the development of the country.
Bola Tinubu is simply the best for Nigeria come 2023.


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