International Women’s Day: CIPDI Calls for Renewed Effort to Break Every Bias Against Women


Center for Innovative and Pragmatic Development Initiative, congratulates and celebrates women all over the Globe on this year's international women’s. The theme for this year’s International day of Women is “Breaking the Bias”. We must work studiously to break the challenges and impediments preventing women from reaching their GOD given potentials. We must encourage, equip, and inspire women of all ages to create, to innovate, to lead, to dream and even dream bigger. We must give them the tools, create the platforms that will give them the courage, the confidence to pursue and excel in their dreams.

CIPDI acknowledges and recognizes the contributions and impact women have made worldwide in science, economics, diplomacy, education, medicine, music, sports, criminal justice reform, business, politics, international relations, literature, art, community development, and nation building. We celebrate the women and all their achievements and accomplishments through the years.

As we celebrate the accomplishment of women today, we must not fail to acknowledge the challenges and barriers women face all over the world, the sexual harassment, the discriminations, the harmful traditional practices against them, the inequities and lack of credit facilities and financial resources. We must raise awareness and stand up against biases against women, we must create a safe environment where women thrive, grow, create, innovate and lead. We will have to do more than just raise and create awareness on the issues, barriers, that women face, especially those in rural communities.

 CIPDI has designed relatable and practical programs that will encourage, equip, train, and give women the tools, skills, confidence, opportunities, and platforms to better themselves and change their world. We support and stand by the Beijing platform for action which calls for the removal of barriers to equal participation. We strongly believe and support women’s participation in politics and leadership as stipulated in the convention of the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women.

We use this opportunity to call on the Inspector General of Police, Imo state police command, Imo state Government, Imo state house of assembly, Imo state judiciary to ensure justice for a 14-month-old baby, who was violated sexually by a 28-year-old man. The perpetrator of this heinous crime though still in police custody needs to be arraigned before a court of competent jurisdiction. The suspect Mr. Tochi was caught with his pants down, and in the act, he has since confessed, and we cannot explain the reason why he has not been arraigned before a Judge or Magistrate. Sexual violence against women is one of the barriers facing women, because most times the perpetrators go free as the victim is stigmatized and maimed for life without justice. We must not allow this injustice and wickedness against an innocent 14-month-old baby to be swept under the rug, it is time to “Break the Bias.” It is high time we stopped playing the ostrich acting as if these wicked acts don’t exist. #Justice for the 14-month-old baby#. #chargeMrTochito court#. Enough is enough.




Ifeanyi Nwanoro

President and Founder Center for Innovative and Pragmatic Development Initiative CIPDI.



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