Rev. Fr. Okafor urges Christians to remain steadfast in things of God

Enugwu-Ukwu (Anambra) Sept.11,2022  Rev. Fr Evaristus Okafor, Parish Priest, St Benedict’s Parish, Enugwu-Ukwu,urged Christian faithfuls to remain steadfast in things of God.

Okafor said this on Sunday in Enugwu ukwu, Njikoka Local Government Area Anambra state.

The  Newsmen reports that Okafor’s sermon was titled: “Redeeming the Prodigal Son.” and was taken from the bible, “Luke 15 verses  1 to 32”.

He encouraged the faithfuls to live a worthy life.

“In pain faithfuls have to be strong in facing their challenges as God is not unaware of challenges the Christians face.

“A good Christian should seek peace and right attitude always to buttress the essence of Christ on earth.” he said.

Okafor said that people should learn from the mistake of the prodigal son and tax collectors who murmured against the actions of Christ who related well with the tax collectors who were seen as sinner.and the forgiving heart of father of the prodigal son.

"Christians should be able to relate well with sinners and make them turn to God as well they should have forgiving spirit to attract more faithful to God's kingdom.

"Christians are not expected to live worldly but are encouraged to follow the steps of Christ by striving to live in peace with all people.

"They are to engage in evangelism their lives should be the bible unbelievers reads and come to repentance,"he said.

Okafor, however, encouraged the family of late Mr Fabian Anagor who came for outing service of their father, to be strong in the Lord and tread on the part of righteousness.

The Newsmen reports that Aboatulu kindred in Enugwu-Ukwu ,Njikoka Local Governmnet Area of Anambra buried one of their son on Thursday Sept.8.

Anagor was one of the members of Anambra Association of Medicine Dealers, in Anambra state.

The late Anagor was survived by wife Mrs Patricia Anagor ,five children and numerous friends  relatives.

Mr Odinaka Anagor first son of the deceased appreciated the people who rallied round them during the burial rites.

Anagor asked God to take away premature death in mist of friends and relatives who consoled with them during their trying time.

Mr Chukwuma Akanligo a relative of the late Anagor described him as inestimable being.

He said that as uncle to him that he cared for me as a son and asked God to grant him eternal peace.

Mr Chimezie Akanligo another  close relatives of the deceased showed appreciation to God for successful burial rite.

Akanligo described late Fabian Omenife as he fondly calls him as a man that is very charitable.

Rtd. Commodore Benjamin Mbachi Chairman of  Aboatulu kindred said that their kindred have lost a talented member.

Mbachi urged the late Anagor's children to follow their father’s footsteps and sustain all his legacies.

Mrs Grace Anagor, Vice president of the Aboatulu kindred women meeting wing  urged the wives in the family to join hands and help the deceased wife to over the trauma associated with husband loss.

She urged the deceased wife patricia to be stronger and face the responsibility handed over to her by her late husband.

She said many women have passed through the path and prayed for her to do so for the sake of their children.

Anagor said that Patricia was an envy of women because of her closeness with her husband who carried her like an egg.

Mr Daniel Ekwoanya a kinsmen to the deceased appealed to the first son to take up the family

responsibility as left by their father.

Ekwoanya, one of the kindred  members who represented the association advised the family to be on the part of the truth always as waa associated with their father.

Mr Benjamin Emoka one of the kinsmen who was not physically present in his condolence message to late Mr Fabian Anagor described him as a man with few words and golden hearts.

Emoka said that the kindred has lost one of its finest man and urged the children to keep his memory evergreen through following his foot print.

Mrs Ngozi Imegwu one of the co wife to the widow of Anagor said that she personally would miss the human milk of the deceased as his role during her husband's death late Mr Francis Imegwu was still fresh in her memory.

Inegwu said that Anagor sees people as equal and shows affections without regarding the social status of the person.

She described him as a humble man whose wealth did not push around to be boastful as seen in today's  life amongst some wealthy people.

Mr Christian Mbachi the secretary of the union described late Anagor as a man of integrity  and one stands who up against injustice even in its smallest level.

Mbachi said that Anagor’s goodwill manifested from the day the burial rites  started from September 7th when   the service of song was conducted  to Thursday 8th September of the burial proper down to Sunday when the outing service was conducted to conclude the burial rite.

“Everything went well, there was  no rain fall we enjoyed Clement weather, there was no in house fighting, no theft of cars because there was a huge presence of friends, neighbors , business associates,town union from Onitsha where he resides ,the in laws and  Ndi nwadiala that visited in their numbers, God blessed the whole exercise,” he said.

Mr Emma Nsofor one of the family member expressed pleasure over the security success of the whole events.

Nsofor said that God blessed the event with a Clement Weather.

The high light of the rites was different musical performance starting  from St Benedict's Catholic Church musical band orgainsed by Mrs Patricia Okoye, Anagor's Oganiru Age grade was down to pay their last respect  and women of Aboatulu local  dance performance.

Relatives attended from across the globe.



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