Women Organization takes Political Sensitization to Grassroots

Women in Anambra state have been urged to take advantage of the organized structures created by different women groups like CWO, UMU ADA and Women cooperatives to sensitize other women at the grassroost on the need to come out en masse to vote during the forth coming 2023 general elections.

This was made public in  statement signed  by the president of Catholic Women Organization CWO ST. Mathew  Amawbia, Awka, Lady Nwokoye Nkeiru during the observation of the 2022 August Meeting held at St. Mathew Catholic church Amawbia organized by JDPC Awka on the ELECTORAL PARTICIPATION CAMPAIGN EPC PROJECT.

Lady Nwokoye called on religious leaders and INEC to engage in massive enlightenment creation  that will charge  women in the villages to organize various demonstration classes on how to identify symbols of political parties in order to avoid invalid votes.

Mrs. Nwokoye  also called on mothers to wake up to their responsibilities and assist their families, church and the society at large in prayers and admonishing their children on following the way of Christ and avoid violence during the elections.

She advised mothers to resist and shun vote buying completely and be hopeful of a better country with elected good leaders.

In his remarks, Executive Director JDPC Awka Rev Fr. Levi Ukor encouraged the women to go back to their villages and wards spread the campaign for proper voters education.

 He told the women to consider the track records of different candidates and ask questions on previous promises made by various candidates that are yet to be fulfilled.



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