NFF, NFSC IN REPLICA JERSEY SCAM . Fans demand $150 refund each

Some Nigerians in Brazil are accusing the leadership of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) and Nigeria Football Supporters Club of fleecing them of $150 each, which they allegedly paid to be provided with the new jerseys of the Super Eagles.
The Nigerian residents told National Mirror that the failure of the NFF and NFSC Rafiu to supply the jersey replicas to them had contributed to the poor turnout of the Nigerians at the stadium during the Iran versus Nigeria match on Monday.
“We paid USD$150 each to be provided with the new jerseys with a view to painting the Curitiba Stadium green during the match. But despite collecting our money, the NFF and the supporters club are yet to provide the jersey,” one of their leaders, Mr. Christopher Izevbkoh, disclosed.
Izevbkoh added that when the President-General of the Supporters Club, Oladipo visited Brazil prior to the tournament, he had assured them that the jerseys would be provided, but expressed disgust that nothing had been done. “Please, tell them to refund our money.
$100 is not small money here in Brazil,” he added, hinting that the Nigerian community may not troop out to Cuiaba on Saturday to cheer the Eagles against Bosnia-Herzegovina. Meanwhile, some members of the supporters club are also alleging that their leaders have abandoned them since their arrival in Brazil.
“We can’t even see out President General (Dr. Rafiu Ladipo) to talk about our welfare here and plan how to mobilize for the remaining matches,” one of the aggrieved members who craved anonymity said.
Source: National Mirror


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