Ohaneze Charges Ndigbo On Political Relevance In Nigeria

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President, Ohaneze Ndigbo,Anambra state,  Chris Eluomuno has charged Ndigbo to learn from other two major tribes in Nigeria to form a political front that would be an umbrella body to negotiate on behalf of the people of the zone in future elections.
He said South east remains the only zones in the country with plethora of political affiliations, rather blames the perceived marginalization of the people from the zone on inconsistency in matter that affect the national politics.

Speaking to journalists after the public sensitization gathering in Awka, the leaders of differ political parties and the Igbo socio-cultural bodies expressed regret that the zone had relegated itself to the back by not been able to form a formidable political front that would  become the mouth-piece for people of the zone.
They lamented that its only the South east political zone of Nigeria that still parades three different political parties as governors, while other zones are comfortable with their political identity.
Relating the experience of the merger of different regional political parties from the south west and North that ousted the then ruling party, People Democratic Party (PDP)in 2015, said, though regional political front could not deliver a central leadership demands as been agitated by the people of the zone but urged them to first come up with a political party that would  truly represent  Ndigbo in their quest for negotiation to seize power at the centre.
The participants identify the qualities expected of the political class to enable them fashion out plans to restructure Ndigbo political sphere.
They said Anambra state 2017 governorship election should be used as a litmus test to align Ndigbo to embrace one party political policy with Igbo inclination, as the veritable instrument that would occasion other elections in the future.The stakeholders however summit that Ndigbo should consider their differences and form a mega political party that would replicate what their leaders bequeathed to them in the first and second  republic  by collapsing  all existing political parties which Igbo Ideology to one, for proper future political negotiation that gain power at the  centre .
Bamidele Ajayi, Core TV News, Awka, Anmabra state



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