Sex Scandal: APC asks IGP to take ‘Miss Anambra’ into custody

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We are compelled to renew the call to the Inspector General of Police to order that Miss Chidinma Okeke, currently embroiled in a unusual sex scandal, inconsistent with the law, in a situation that entangles top Anambra State Government Officials and top members of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) should be taken into protective custody.
This reverb has become necessary against the background of emerging contradictions from the Anambra State Police Command on the matter.

While the Commissioner of Police reportedly did not provide security for Miss Okeke to address a scheduled press conference in Awka because of ‘too short a notice ‘ from the beauty queen’s ;lawyer, the Police Public Relations Officer in the state claimed ignorance of the entire incident.
And in reality, no action has been taken.
We recall that 21 demonstrators were arrested in Atani Headquarters of Ogbaru Local Government Area of the State, by the Police for claiming that they were homosexuals and calling for the law outlawing their practice line to be repealed.
There is no reason why there should be two different laws for different sets of person on the same infraction.
Again we have expressed our reservations about The Nigerian Police being funded by State Governments, in favour of an outright State Police funded by states , taing care of State offences and a Federal Police funded by provisions in the Federal Budget  for federal offences as status-provided.
It is absolutely necessary to remind us that Anti-Gay Law ia an act of the National Assembly.
The admix provides room for pollution and corruption which must be shunned at a time when Nigeria is brutally fighting the scourge of corruption across the nation.
We are convinced that the Police Command that could afford to demolish the houses of Anambra State citizens without a valid court order, based on the devilish collaboration of the government of the day, can also swing into action when issues come face to face with the law, no matter whose ox is gored, particularly when it involves, blackmail, indecent exposure, homosexuality/lesbianism and threat to life to cover other crimes.
We urge action as failure to act on this score will create difficulties for acting in future in the same circumstances.
We invite APGA to show cause why the Anambra tate community which is steep in ordered igbo tradition should not totally reject their existence for  ife ani na aso nso ( deploratible abomination), which has left our sanity, spirituality and culture and laws very badly polluted.
The unfocused party called APGA should say why their committed member who has gone everywhere in the state including the hallowed chambers of traditional rulers should indulge in such despicable conduct with as uch as an admonishment from the party, leaving many to speculate that it is actually part of the APGA plan to introduce a law allowing homosexuality in Anambra State, just like it seeks to arm miscreants to carry guns in the name of an undefined ‘Operation’ targeted at the forthcoming gubernatorial elections.

Okelo Madukaife
State Publicity Secretary



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