Journalists Charge To Maintain Ethical Standard

League of media practitioners have urged journalists to ensure they maintain ethical standards in the discharge of their duty.
They fault the manner some journalists parade themselves in public, enjoined them to insist on doing the right thing if they really want to command respect in the public.

The media practitioners said Journalists should strive to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct on their job, which span through informing the public without compromise.
These were their resolutions reached at the end of the one day media workshop organized my an Anambra online media platform for journalists
The participants enumerated some challenges journalists face in the course of their duty, ranging from poor working cndition, poor enumeration, compare to other professional bodies, non availability of welfare package for members, nonpayment of salary and host of other working incentives that should make a journalist not to comprise its ethical standard of the media profession.
The people  suggest a regulatory framework for media owners to pass through same structure that banks went through years back, with a pool of funds where salaries and other incentives would be withdrawn, if an employers fails to pay his workers.
Some suggest a holistic approach  to media operation business, where core professionals would be given the opportunity to operate, where quacks too would be easily fished out and  be shown the way out.
The media practitioners however urged members to insist on doing the right thing at all times, being the only medium where the government and governed use to communicate.



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