Stakeholders Solicit For Protection For Journalists

 The catholic Bishop of Awka, Most Rev. Paulinous Eze-Okafor has called on Nigerians to support journalists with what they require to carry out their lawful duty without fear of molestation.
He enjoined leaders to ensure they provide necessary information needed that may compromise  the journalism profession, advised them not to encourage half truth which in turn influences the output of information given the public.

 Bishop Eze-Okafor stated this while fielding questions from journalists in Awka, after the Mass organized to honour the souls of the  departed saints, said the nation would be better off, if media practitioners are provided with necessary information to guide the society aright.
Correspondent, Bamidele Ajayi, was at the catholic mass and filed in this report.
Journalists in Nigerian parlance are regarded as the fourth estate of the realm.
They are regarded as the endanger species, whose operations and activities ought to be preserved with virile constitutional provision to protect the profession against attacks and molestation from protesting citizen of the society.
The catholic Bishop of Awka, Most Rev. Paulinous Eze-Okafor charged that journalists should to be treated well in the society, owing to the daily hazard they are exposed to in the discharge of their duties.
He called on Nigerians, both government and the governed to extend hands of cooperation to the media practitioners to enable them carry out their constitutional responsibility to the development of the society.

Commenting of the issue of welfare, insurance and promt payment of salary of media practitioners to enable them discharge their duties without been influenced, Rev.  Fr. Ekene Nwosu and Ngozi Obileri charged government to enact a law that would ensure journalists are insured and adequate welfare provision is provided to enable them carry out their lawful duties without fear of favour.
They enjoined the public to give journalists the right support needed so that the society would be guarded aright.
 International statistical data shows that, over 800 journalists have been killed in active duty, while over 1700 are in different incarceration worldwide and about 154 have disappeared without any cause to identify their location.



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