APGA ambassador’s sexual scandal provocative-APC • Party, government silence immoral

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The deafening silence maintained by the leadership of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in the face of a devastating sexual scandal that has spread morality and legality scums around Anambra State, is provocative, demeaning, condemnable and immoral.
The unprecedented sexual scandal has further brought odium to a party and a government that is yet to explain the morality of taking N1.2bn security vote and N250m monthly provision to an unelected spouse in the current state of Anambra State economy.

It is reminiscent of the depth of degeneration of Anambra State under the watch of APGA.
For an unimpeachable fact, Miss Chidinma Okeke, the female enfant terrible, who has defied all codes of family morality and all known social etiquette to engage in what Nigerian laws and cultures in unison forbid, yet deny same serially is a member and ambassador of APGA, which has paraded herself in the party’s apparel to public events.
In addition she has remained a brand ambassador to the Anambra State Government which agencies she has mixed up with in business and pleasure. Yet when the scandal broke, all that the concerned agencies of the government under Gov Obiano’s watch did was to strip her of her crown, cars and paraphernalia of office as ‘Miss Anambra’ in order to keep more serious crimes covered in the bowels of unmerited immunity.
It is despicable that APGA whose leader and Chairman, Board of Trustees, Chief Willie Obiano  does not consider the action of a woman sexually engaging another, both pageant winners connected to his government, worth  condemning or apologizing to Ndi Anambra and Nigerians for.
Even when we have deliberately maintained a coded silence because of the sheer shame of dabbling into the issue and escalating it, APGA leadership does not think anything has happened to command a comment or apology?
What happened to our values and our shame and sense of conscience under APGA?
Where shall we find the people to clean up the entire mess being rubbed over Anambra State after these irredeemable chains of unceasing mess and abominations would have been duped on our land.
Does APGA really have a Chairman or Publicity Secretary in Anambra State? We know that, like their ilk in tattered umbrella, APGA is unable to say in one breadth that their National Chairman is. But does this translate to the fact that APGA endorses perverted sexual behavior which has been elevated a high art by one of their own who now conveniently shifts, rather than share the blames at the doorsteps of ‘ politicians and government officials’?
We deprecate this blanket classification that seeks to paint everyone black, because it just would not work.
Our great party condemns the wanton breach of multiple federal laws by entities in APGA ,condemns sexual exploitation of young girls and young boys for that matter, warns against assumptions when the dramatis personae are here, alive and available to tell their story and distances APC members from the moral deficit that the government circles in Anambra State has become.
The foregoing scandal which has gone on for two weeks and is not yet ready to abate , because the truth has not been told , has instructed us on the noise and cacophony made by those who claim emergency activism where it is less needed ,but blank out their voices when it is needed.
We urge women societies, the church, social organizations, labour, and the church to rise up to unearth the truth of this whole saga, so that Anambra State can say-NEVER AGAIN.
Never again shall beauty queens to make to those who pay more and show more kindles behind the blinds. Never again shall education be compromised the altar of immoral gallivanting. Never again shall tax payer’s money be used to set up corporate bodies that pervert our values and promote graft. Never again shall those entrusted with competitions of any kind subject the process to moral perforations. Never again shall indecent exposure, blackmail, and threat to life to cover the truth be allowed to loom large in the affairs of the state.
In order to rediscover the verve for moral guidance we urge any church , social organization , community based organization and labour group who has nominated any of the 30 commissioners, 500 political appointee ,including the 13 serving Special Advisers on Political Affairs to withdraw their nominees  and make them resign, in order to equip these civil societies to play their proper role.
From The Glass House Anambra APC Secretariat) , Awka comes an assurance that no aspect of this unfolding symbol of a degenerate moral rectitude, that enjoys the tacit approval of an absent –minded regime will be swept under the carpet.
We also assure the rest of Nigeria and the foreigners, particularly those with a potential for doing business with our state that what has been witnessed in the last two weeks does not represent Anambra State and there is room to repairs the broken bones of our great state in a short while.
We remain proud of the virtues of womanhood in vintage Anambra State, where a woman remains a moral emblem, compliments men in productive ventures, takes one step at a time, and not to subject themselves to global prostitution, repackaged in other ways that pass through immoral politicians, living in trading outposts. Anambra does not believe in raising women who paint fingernails and take cat walks as their prime source of livelihood and aspiration.
Anambra remains proud to have produced the first female governor in Nigeria Mrs. Dame Virgy Etiaba who paraded all these qualities and more which resides in many more Etiaba, which will come to the surface, when a government with morality is enthroned.

Okelo Madukaife
State Publicity Secretary



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