Anambra Government Solicits For Increase Supply of HIV/AIDS drugs and Kits

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Anambra state government says the recorded short fall in the supply of the HIV/AIDS treatment gadgets in the state, is attributed to a technical withdrawal of donor agencies.
It revealed that the delay was attributed to global recession, which according to it should not be applicable to human health facility that is used to save lives.

Addressing newsmen in Awka, as an event to mark the activities of this year world aids day ceremony in the state, the Anambra state commissioner of health, Dr. Jehoshaphat Akabuike said the technical withdrawal  in the supply of HIV/AIDS treatment drugs and kits by the donor agency ampere the operation of the state agencies to function optimally.

Dr.  Akanuike blamed the shortfall in the supply of required HIV/AIDS medical drugs and kits to assist the tested people living with HIV/AIDS as stimulus package that would keep them healthy, urged them not to adopt the near withdrawal of the international donor agencies assistance to improve the life span of the people.
The medial experts said though the global challenge is not associated with Nigeria alone, but urged the donor agencies not to withdraw their services on matters affecting human health.
While citing the pupils on the level of awareness of  HIV/AIDS in Anambra state and how youths of the state have adhere to the rules and tenet to maintain negative status, being free from the dreadful disease, the participants in the parade said the awareness of the disease is gradually fading due to reduce advocacy reach out to the people which is essential. 
They urged youths to be conscious of the disease and submit that abstinence remains the way out of been infected with the HIV/AIDS Virus. 
This year world HIV/AIDS day in Anambra state featured a live radio phoning programme, with a road show and technical section with registered members of people ivilng with HIV/AIDS in the state.



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