Ndigbo are Encouraged To Invest More in Igboland

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The Igbo socio-cultural group “Alaigbo Development Foundation” has charged Ndigbo to cultivate the ideology of “Think Home Philosophy” as a veritable strategy that would be employed to develop the south eastern part of Nigeria faster.
It  urged its members to consider the idea of investing in their homeland, with the hope of creating more jobs for the people, improving their well being which would in turn would provide  modern ascetics in Igboland.
This was the resolution reached by the group at an international colloquium held in Awka with the theme: ‘The Restoration and Development of Igboland, the Rebirth and Advancement of the spirit of her culture and civilization’, an avenue created to reach out to Ndigbo on the need to make Igboland proud among other comity of states in Nigeria.

Correspondent witnessed the inauguration of new executives and fund raising of the Igbo socio cultural union in Awka, and filed in this report.
The propagation of "Akurue Ulo Initiative” which was first propounded by the former old eastern region Governor, Dim Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu was seen as a clarion call on Igbo sons and daughters to consider the need to extend their development frontier to Igboland as a priority project among other socio engagement they wish to carry out in their father’s land.
Addressing the league of Igbo leaders of the five South Eastern states, and Igbo speaking states in the south south in Awka, the Chairman of occasion  Captain Emmanuel Iheanacho challenged Ndigbo to take their destiny in their hands by cultivating the ideology of think home philosophy.
They summit that their future would be better protected if today's Ndigbo sons and daughters  would able to invest in things that would improve the standard of living of their people and provide feasible infrastructure development in Igboland.
Immediate Past Governor, Anambra State
Also speaking, some participants at the colloquium welcomed the initiative but stressed the need that government of the south east states should strengthened the already provided enabling environment for businesses to thrive in the zone, they enumerate some challenges  which they consider if tackled  would be the spring ball to hasten their home coming  faster . .
They extolled the idea created by the group, said Ndigbo sons and daughters have embraced the call, only waiting for more business environment friendly indices to be improved upon by their government to solidify their home coming promises .
Correspondent reports that the event featured the presentation of awards to deserving Igbo indigenes who have done well in their field of endavour  and swearing in of new executives of the Igbo socio-cultural group with the mandate to ensure the task ahead of them are actualized for the benefit of the people .


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