Many upward thinking Nigerians have been applauding the wonderful paper delivered by our dear son, Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo celebrating the three years of Dr. Willie Obiano as the APGA elected leader of Ndi Anambra.

In this presentation, Prof. Soludo has once more proven to all doubting individuals that he is way ahead of so many with the frame of mind that he has. Prof. Soludo did not only display a paradigm shift from what is generally tenable but defined a new direction that we ought to start following in the furtherance of the development and emancipation of Igbo Nation economically and otherwise.
It is rare to see a potential opponent overly qualified to contest for the same position as presently occupied by Dr. Willie Obiano concede in very clear terms that Willie is indeed working.
The generosity of his thought process and the courage displayed in sharing same in such an open foray gives hope to little people like us, the hope that Igbo Nation still has some good stuff.
Little minds have already started insinuating that Prof. Soludo made such huge presentation due to a promise to become the Governor of Anambra State at the end of another tenure. By implication, they are implying that Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo is stupid.
Prof. Soludo has consistently shown courage and bravado in most of the presentations he has made either as it concerns the economic decisions by the Central Bank and the Country or on issues pertaining to Biafra and IPOB. It is then silly and cheap for anyone to believe that he made such presentation due to the promise of becoming the Governor of Anambra State. If such is the case, what then is his motive for previous well publicised positions he has taken contrary to the position of the Government.
Neither Dr. Willie Obiano, Prof. Soludo nor indeed anyone can predict tomorrow, there is only one person that knows who will be the next Governor after Dr. Obiano's second term, that person is the Almighty God.

Talking about this Governor issue, my thinking is that in Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo, the Igbo Nation and Nigeria have the man that has the mindset and the courage to pilot the affairs of this Nation for the better, a man that is very dynamic in reasoning, a man that will turn around the destiny of this Nation, a man that is not guided or inhibited by the burden of desperation and some devilish cartel that only think about themselves than for all of us.
Everything Prof. Soludo said is the truth, we do not need to change our Commanding General that is doing extremely well in the middle of a war. We do not need to fix it when it is not broken and we MUST learn to lend support to any vision that improves the general wellbeing of our people instead of our own selfish gains.
Prof. Soludo does not need to be induced to state his mind, he is a free thinker, a confident and proud Igbo son.
Good and reasonable sons and daughters of Igbo Nation watched and listened to our own speak the mind of so many of us, what we need as a people today is to design our political direction which ultimately determines what we become in this Nation.
In this present day of Chief Nnia Nwodo, Prof. Charles Soludo and Dr. Willie Obiano, it is clearly obvious that the Igbo Nation has a future.
As for me and many others that believe in the unity and progress of the Igbo Nation and our political identity, APGA, we stand with Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo, Odenigbo Igbo Nation.

Thank you so much.
Hon. Chinedu Nkwonta
State Publicity Secretary, APGA



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