From radio/tv to blogs and concerts, the name now rings a bell everywhere in Nigeria and beyond.
 He rode on the platform of Loveworld Innovations who powered the first ever syndicated gospel musical show on a radio network.
The show premiered in December 2017, airing in over 20 countries via online radio programming.
Today, the 360 Mix Show with Collins now airs on some of the top online stations across Africa: Kings Radio, PraiseWorld Radio, Triumphant Radio, Amen Radio, Gospotainment, Worship Culture Radio, EMB fm, Radio Lambano to mention just a few. 

In his words "it's time to push the gospel like never before. The internet is a strong tool for the propagation of the gospel. We have the world of the Millenials, face it; so many young people from all over the world are on the internet looking for one form of entertainment or recreation or the other, and they get fed with any junk they find out there on the radio, the internet, tv etc.
 So what I do on the show is a one hour of straight gospel music mixes as a DJ and emcee. I talk about the trends and ongoing in the gospel music genre, have a guest appearance who co-hosts the show with me and we do the weekly countdowns, we also take calls and message on social media. That's it basically. 
Q:Welcome Collins
A: Thank you so much for the honour to be here.
Q: As a professional disc jockey, do you find gospel music unattractive and why?
A: I find gospel music fun, yet very uplifting. For instance, Gospel music is the only genre of music that can heal... it heals the broken hearted, the sick, it can raise the dead and give hope to the hopeless because it has the power of life in it. It has the eternal Word of God. So it's quite powerful.
Q: Some people find gospel music boring, they think it does not have as much skill or groove as the secular genres of music.
A: Different people seek different effects from music. Some people only want to dance away their life while some others want songs with meaning and inspiration. Gospel music as well has different categories: worship, praise etc. So basically, there are worship songs and there are praise songs in gospel music. I play both, but given my status as a disc jockey I tend to play more of praise songs. That's the one more people dance to.
Q: There are not much gospel DJs around, unlike the secular world. How do you explain this?
A: Yes you're right. Deejaying is a specialized industry, I need to point that out. DJs out there are seen as people who make others happy by playing feel good kind of music. That means you need them every time you want to be happy. That's why you mostly hire them to feature at recreational or leisure facilities or scenes. 
Now coming to the gospel sector, we have mostly music ministers doing most of that chore. It is not out of place for them because the audience is always in church and everyone participates. Nobody has to wait for a disc jockey or anything technical, everyone joins in the business of providing music. It's a sing-along, with the music leader. 
But lately, with gospel concerts and outdoor events, gospel DJs are beginning to find their way to the hearts and ears of the audience. 
Q: Your radio show is making huge impacts around the world. What is the idea or vision behind this program which has gained international recognition?
A: The vision is to spread the gospel through music and arts. I would categorize disc-jockeying as creative arts, because you use your initiative or creativity to drive music the way that people can relate with and appreciate. So I created this program called 360 Mix Show with Collins. It's powered by LoveWorld Innovations and is aired on over 25 radio stations across the world. In just two months, It became the first syndicated gospel radio show to receive such listenership, it is also the first DJ show in the world to be broadcast on that number of radio stations ever. And the list goes on and on. It has broken so many records and is actually headed to the Guinness book of world records.
Q: Quite interesting. Tell us more about the program, which stations does it air on?
A: Quite a lot. Primarily, it airs on the LoveWorld Radio Networks, which home to about 25 stations across the world, including Kings Radio and Radio Lambano. It also airs on Triumphant Radio, Amen Radio, Gospotainment, PraiseWorld Radio, Worship Culture, etc. All these stations can Ben listened to from anywhere in the world. You can follow on my social media handle to find out about the schedule. Instagram @billionaire_collins
Q: Very creative. The production is powered by Loveworld Innovations?
A: Yes.
Q: That is fantastic. What is LoveWorld Innovations all about?
A: Like the name implies, it is self explanatory. LoveWorld Innovations also known as Innoville Business Capital is in the business of solutions provision. Providing a means to an end, using technology, creativity and arts to drive satisfaction in every sector of mankind's need. Let me explain... We're into apps, education, automobile, foods/agriculture, films/cinematography, industry, textile, etc. These are basic areas of man's need that must be attended to. So we use high tech ideas to create solutions for needs in all these areas of the economy. 
Q: It's quite interesting. So LoveWorld Innovations is also into business and investments?
A: Yes, absolutely. As a matter of facts, there are so much plans in the pipeline from loveworld innovations, some of which you will hear about soon. They are mind-blowing ideas and solutions that will revolutionize the education sector as well as the agricultural sector. 
Q: Wow, amazing. It's been wonderful having you here. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to grant us this interview. We appreciate.



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