Negative comments don’t bother me –Efe, BBNaija winner

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At a time when the Internet has taken over many things, it will be hard for entertainers to flourish without embracing the social media. But the winner of the 2017 edition of Big Brother Naija, Efe Ejeba, has said that he hardly uses the different social media platforms in vogue today.
In a chat with Sunday Scoop, he said, “The truth is that I don’t know what is happening on social media. When I wake up in the morning, I pray, eat, record songs and I release them. I don’t hear what people say about my music. I am not disturbed about negative comments because it is normal for people to have different views about whatever you do.”

He also said he could not remember having any dealings with an on-air personality, who called him out on social media during the week for disrespecting him. According to the OAP, Efe didn’t honour an invitation for an interview even after they had reached an agreement.
Reacting to the issue, Efe said, “I haven’t heard anything like that. Like I said, I am not a social media person. I visit social media once in a while because of the industry I am in. I only go online when I want to post things that are important to me and I log off immediately after that. The truth is that I cannot remember having such discussion with any OAP.”
Despite the insinuation by some music followers that he needs to improve on his music to compete in the industry, the singer insisted that he had a good year in 2017.
“Considering where I am coming from, I experienced massive growth in my career last year. Right now, I have the attention of the people and that is the most important thing. But I hope to do more this year, which is natural for every youth that dreams.
“I don’t feel any pressure. I am just doing my music. If there is any pressure, it is from within because I try to push myself every day. This year, I plan to release more music and videos, and I will put the rest in the hands of God. The industry is growing and I am happy to be part of it at the moment,” he said.


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