I will double current Anambra IGR Within Months---Madubuko

The new Anambra state commissioner for Trade Commerce, Markets and Wealth creation, Dr. Christian Madubuko has promised to introduce scientific method of revenue collection to increase the state Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), from where it is to six or ten places higher than it was, within shortest period of time .
He berated Nigerians attitude to tax payment, promised to employ proven scientific method that will encourage the tax payers to be encouraged and comply with the state module .

The new commissioner for Trade , Commerce, Markets  and Wealth creation made this public  shortly having a session with his staff, at the secretariat  in Awka, promised to replicate the Australian model that placed the country from being a third world  country, with no viable natural resource, but was able to challenge the world  and change the narrative as one of the developed nations on Earth now .
" We will replicate what we see in advance countries here in Anambra,
I know we have a listening governor who is in a haste to transform the state to one of the most advanced nations of the world within the shortest  period of time". he said .
Dr. Madubuko urged his staff to invest their best to the actualization of Governor Willie Obiano"s ambition of building a megar state that will compete with any advance countries of the world as developed in 50 years time .
The Commissioner who was until his appointment was a senior lecturer at an Australian University Expressed hope that the
 state , being the Nigerian home of Commerce would in a short period become one of the most developed states in Africa​.
" Anambrarians are traders, while.most of the incomes generated in the state come from Commerce,
I want to contribute my quota to develop Anambra to be in line with his Excellency Governor Willie Obiano's programmes, I promise you that, and you will see things will start to Change for the best in the shortest period of time" he added.
Commissioner revealed that he was able to gather some  investigations, which  identified some loopholes where government money disappear into private pockets.
He promised to institute some globally recognized method of paying government revenue, without recourse to private interferences, where government money will go into government purse alone.
"Many things have gone wrong in Anambra state I didn't​ leave Australia to come here and play, I am sure I will introduce some reforms"
"I know it's not going to be easy, but I will ensure I  truncate that system that allow government money to end up in private pockets, we will reverse the trend to the benefit of the people and the government of Anambra state '" Madubuko promised.
While speaking on the strategy to employ to change what is regarded as a num, the commissioner  astonished the media by insisting of employing pure scientific method to rescue Anambra.income generation from conventional narrative that creates artificial loopholes  where government money are being diverted into private pockets .
 Dr. Madubuko stressed that his eye is on the ball to deliver on the mandate given him by the state governor Chief Willie Obiano to arrest the situation and provide a lasting solution to where Anambra can favourably compete with megar cities like Lagos in terms of improve revenue generation to boost government performance in the state .


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