Some people think I’m just beautiful without brain –Lilian Afegbai

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I grew up in Benin with my family. I have always loved entertainment; so, I started acting in school, church and other places at a young age.

As a kid, I travelled on a lot of vacations with my parents and sibling and it was so much fun. I really enjoyed those trips because they gave me a wider perspective of life.


I attended Our Lady of Apostles School, Benin, for my elementary education, and Word of Faith Group of Schools, Benin, for my post-elementary. I later attended Benson Idahosa University, Benin, where I graduated with a degree in accounting. I actually wanted to study Theatre Arts at the university, but my father advised me to acquire knowledge in other areas; in case any of them doesn’t work out.


Before Big Brother, I had appeared in popular TV series, Tinsel. I had also played cameo roles in many other TV series and movies. One of the first movies I recall acting in is The Kingdom. I starred alongside Van Vicker, Annie Idibia and many other stars. They showed me a lot of love on that set. They didn’t look down on me even though I was a rookie.

Now, I have featured in over 30 movies and they include The Wedding, Baby Shower, Road to Yesterday, The Women, Undercover Lover, among others.

Big Brother

I actually went for the Big Brother audition in company with my brother and some of my friends. I initially just tagged along to the event but at a point, I wished that I could get the prize money. I also thought that if I could get into the house, it would do a lot to boost my profile as an actress; even if I did not win. I eventually got picked but I only spent a few weeks in the House. I began to feel a lot of pressure. I didn’t want people to look down on me as someone who is beautiful but has no brain. I wanted to prove to the world that I am hard-working, intelligent and creative. I then decided to focus on my career and I made sure I utilised the platform I had to the best of my ability.

When I was in the Big Brother House, I really liked the parties. Shortly after leaving BBA, I was made an ambassador of GoTV. I also starred in the TV series, Do Good.


I am happy I was able to achieve my goal of producing a movie before my 26th birthday. That has really spurred me on to do even better. The movie was based on a true story I was told by my family friend. I found it gripping and I decided to share it with the world. I faced some challenges while shooting the movie but we always overcame them.

I chose Rita Dominic to play a lead role in the movie because I have always admired her. She is very talented and I was assured that she would be capable of interpreting the role the way I wanted it. As for Eyinna Nwigwe, he was the perfect gentleman with the way he brought the script to life.


One of the biggest challenges I have is that some people look down on me. They think I am too young or just beautiful without intelligence. However, such remarks make me to keep pushing to be better in my career. After some time, people noticed that I was truly pushing and they lent helping hands.
I don’t like dwelling on problems though; I would rather think of the solution.

I have learnt that humility and consistence are the best things that can take you to the top of your career. It is important to respect people. Even if a senior colleague does something you don’t like, still show them respect. Accept constructive criticism and keep looking for ways to evolve.

I like a man that is straightforward, understanding and God fearing. He should love me beyond my imperfections. He should be a man that understands that it is not a woman’s role to provide for the family’s needs; a woman is just a helper. I really cannot say whether I can marry an entertainer because nobody knows tomorrow. I leave those decisions to God.


I put on what makes me happy at any moment. However, I like classy attire too. My favourite fashion item is leggings. I love every part of my body but my bum is my favourite.


I love watching movies from all over the world, including those produced in  Nigeria.


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