Anambra PDP Again Held Parallel Congress To Produce Two State Executives

The perceived mood of  harmonious union to grow the political tenet of democracy seems to have eluded the Anambra state People’s Democratic Party state congress , where two major aged contending factions of the party produced different state executives in the congress.
The state PDP’s has been bedeviled with conflict of interest of the major stakeholders, who persistently assumed the control of the state structure at the expense of a considerable growth of the party to win future elections in the state.
Chris Uba Led Faction
The May 10 PDP state congress as espoused by the National Executive Committee of the party time table, mandating states in the country to conduct free congress from the ward to the state level, but Anambra position of internal democracy was a departure of the national executive stands, where the state congresses from ward level to the state had differently produced separate state executives in a parallel congresses.
The Chief Chris Uba led faction held its state congress at the Emmaus House Cathedral in Awka, returned Barrister Ejike Ogbuebego and his state executives unopposed, also  in a parallel exercise held simultaneously at Marble Arch Hotel Awka, the senator Andy Uba led faction, who incidentally the brother to Chief Chris Uba also returned Chief Ken Emeakhaye and his state excos as chairman and his executives respectively.
Speaking with the PDP NEC member, commissioned to conduct the parallel congress of Chief Chris Uba ‘s led faction, Alhaji Abubakar Mallam expressed disappointment in the demeanor of the chairman of the committee disappearance in the middle of their journey to conduct the exercise in Anambra, only to be aware that another faction of the PDP in the state had hijacked them to conduct a parallel exercise for the party in the state.
Buoyed with optimism that his congress has the blessing of PDP NEC that commissioned them to conduct the congress in Anambra state.
In an interview with PDP stakeholders in the Chief Chris Uba  led faction, senator Anme Okonkwo and Honorable John Emeka condemned in strong terms the position of perceived  hijack of congress committee members commissioned by PDP NEC to conduct state congress in that state by some PDP stakeholders in the state, but assured that the position of the party constitution was followed,  as observed in their conduct of the congress,. He sited the supreme court judgement which affirmed that dew process of the law of the party should be followed to produce any party executives
Also speaking to authenticate their stand on the congress held, Chief Chris Uba out rightly dissociated himself from the position of having a parallel congress in the state, he denied the knowledge that another faction was conducting another congress simultaneously, aside the authentic congress committee sent from Abuja to conducted state congress in Anambra state.
Speaking shortly after the exercise that returned Chief Ken Emeakhaye and his state PDP led excos, the senator  representative Anambra North and South of the national Assembly, senator Andy Uba  and senator Stella Oduah affirmed the constitutional stand of the PDP which mandating the chairman and secretary that were assigned to conduct state congress, which they have conducted and produced new state officials to pilot the affairs of the party ahead of future elections in the state.
They feign the knowledge that another parallel congress held anywhere in the state but explained the position of the party constitution which according to them is supreme to any individual manipulation with the hope to drag the party behind.
The senators assured the people that PDP was ready to restructure its home front to win governorship election come 2017 and other future elections in  the state.
However, Anambra state PDP has again produced parallel state executives, leaving  room forum unending litigation which has been the major challenge impeding the growth of the party in the state, concerned stakeholders however called on the National Executive Committee of the party to speedily intervene to restructure and make a pronouncement on which of the congresses is authentic. 

Senator Andy Uba & Senator Stella Oduah

Congress Boxes

Barrister Ogbuebego

Mallla Abubakar

Congress Committee Members

Senator Stella Oduah

Factional Congress Committee Mmebers

Congress Ground

Congress Hall

Congress Ground II

Congress Hall II



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